Being now an openly Brexit supporter seems to have done no favours to West Lancashire MP Rosie Cooper with the Tactical Voting websites.

For, unlike her fellow North West Labour ‘Leave’ MP Manchester’s Graham Stringer, Rosie gets no support from the ‘Leave’ Tactical vote website ONEUK.ORG.

Graham Stringer’s Manchester (Blackely and Broughton) campaign is supported by the ONEUK.ORG website which also supports independent, UKIP Brexit and Conservative candidates seeking to make sure that Britain leaves the EU. But no such joy for Rosie Cooper who is facing a strong Brexit Party challenge as well as the Tory candidacy.

Rosie Cooper’s constituency includes several thousand voters who consider themselves to be ‘Southport’ residents but who live to the east of Fine Janes Brook in West Lancashire. Wigan Labour MP Lisa Nandy has also voted with Rosie Cooper for Boris Johnson’s Brexit deal but is similarly being threatened by the intervention of the Brexit Party.