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While the Labour Party members nationally gear up for their controversial  leadership vote, suspended Labour Parties on Merseyside are battling over candidate who isn’t even in the contest any more.

As Jeremy Corbyn came to Liverpool, some locval Labour members are saying that Wallasey MP Angela Eagle has been the target of homophobic abuse while others are saying this is a false slur designed to put Mr Corbyn’s supporters in a bad light. Ms Eagle was the first contender in the current Labour Leadership battle but crashed out when she could not get enough support.

Labour Parties across Merseyside, including Southport Labour Party, have been suspended and stopped from holding meetings because of fears that Labour Members would intimidate each other.

There have been allegations that some Labour Members have attacked Ms Eagle as  “Angie the Dyke”, and that a member was threatened with being punched in the head at an official meeting.

Some Labour Members are so upset at what is happening that they are defying the ban on meetings imposed by their national party. But when they called a meeting recently this provoked a formal complaint that flyers advertising the meeting used data that was “illegally procured and used by an external organisation and/or unauthorised people without consent”.

One Labour Member who has complained to the national party is quoted as saying:

“Meetings have become very hostile, with people attending who should not be present. Members have been heard threatening people, saying they ‘Would come back there and punch you in the head’ for having an opinion. This is commonplace now and goes unchallenged by anyone because of intimidation and bullying,” the complaint says.

“When people try to leave, people stand in the way of the door and are told those trying to leave, they are not leaving and sit down. While people do leave, the actions are an intimidating act.”

Lol Duffy, the far left former parliamentary candidate who stood against Angela Eagle is now vice chairman of Southport Labour Party.


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