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Did you know 22nd June marks World Osteopathy Day?

On 22nd June, osteopaths from around the country will be raising awareness of how they can support the health of people in their local communities.

Around 30,000 people currently consult osteopaths every working day. Patients include children, older people, manual workers, office professionals, pregnant women, children and sports people.

Patients seek treatment for a wide variety of conditions, including back pain, changes to posture in pregnancy, postural problems caused by driving or work strain, the pain of arthritis and minor sports injuries.

Osteopaths are highly trained primary healthcare practitioners adapting their therapeutic approach to the needs of the individual. They use a combination of movement, stretching, targeted deep tissue massage and manipulation of a person’s muscles and joints to improve function, relieve pain and aid recovery. They may also provide advice on posture and exercise to support healing, promote health and prevent symptoms from recurring.

Osteopaths also work closely with other health care professionals, providing onward referral if required.

Judith Jenkins of Southport Osteopathic Clinic in Birkdale, has been in practice for 31 years. Judith says ‘It’s a fantastic profession to be in, meeting a wide range of people, helping them out of pain and back to normal activity, and  improving their quality of life. Most of my work comes through personal recommendation, often

treating several members of a family or a number of people from the same workplace, which makes the work very rewarding.

To find out more information about Judith and her practice contact her at

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