KGV Students Prepare For Expedition Of Discovery

24th February 2015

KGV College’s Geography students are looking forward to studying volcanoes, hot springs and energy security when they travel to Reykjavik, Iceland.

The field trip will run from March 3-6, and is part of the college’s programme of geography trips.

Mike Graham, Geography Course Leader, said: “It will be a unique experience for the students to go beyond the classroom and observe the stunning geographical landscape and culture of Iceland.

“Natural hazards is one of the topics that the students at KGV study. Iceland is volcanically and geologically active and this visit will allow students to observe first-hand the topics they study in college.

“We will be visiting the Blue Lagoon geothermal pools, one of Iceland’s most visited attractions, and reputed for their high mineral content.

“We will also be visiting volcanic craters, geysers – hot springs that shoot out water and steam up to 100 degrees Celsius –and a National Park that runs along the Mid-Atlantic Ridge, a geological feature that will show students the effects of two tectonic plates pulling apart from each other.

“Iceland is regarded as a world leader for renewable energy. Geothermal and hydro-electric projects produce 100% of its electricity. As part of our study on Energy Security we will be visiting a geothermal power plant near Reykjavik, and this will be a great opportunity for the students to find out more about this renewable energy option.

“Also on the agenda is an opportunity to walk on a glacial tongue and visiting the stunning coastline of Southern Iceland. This will allow the students to see some of the natural features we study in the Coasts section of the course.

“If we are lucky we might get a chance to see the Northern lights. It will definitely be an action packed trip that I am certain will benefit the students.”

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