Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL Results Week Ending  3rd February 2013


Under 9 Leopards

Burscough 2-1 Redgate Yellow

S&A Amateurs Red 2-1 Formby JSC White

Southport FC Yellow2-2Town Green

Trinity White 2-2 Redgate White


Under 9 Panthers

Formby JSC Black 1-0 Birkdale United

Hesketh Colts 0-5 Crosby Stuart

S&A Amateurs Blue 0-0 Trinity Blue

Southport FC Black 3-5 Formby Athletic


Under 10 Eagles

Birkdale United 3-1Town Green

Formby JSC Rangwers 6-2 Southport FC Juniors

Ormskirk 1-3 Colts Blue

Redgate Yellow 0-5 Formby JSC White


Under 10 Hawks

Formby FC Juniors 3-2 Colts Red

Redgate Black 1-2 Formby JSC Black

S&B Rangers 6-3 Colts Green

Trinity White 3-3 Redgate Green


Under 11 Harry Cope Cup

Town Green – Formby JSC

(Walkover Formby JSC)

Formby FC Juniors 1-0 Southport FC Juniors

Southport Trinity 9-0 Hesketh Colts

Crosby Stuart 2-3 Birkdale R

Redgate Rovers 4-1 S&A Amateurs


Under 12 Joseph Jackson Cup

Redgate Black 9-0 Birkdale Hawks

Redgate Yellow 2-7 Billinge

Southport FC Juniors 1-0 Formby JSC White

Hesketh Colts 3-1 Birkdale Black

S&AAmateurs4-2Town Green


Under 13 Catherine Oldfield Cup

Redgate Rovers 3-4 Formby JSC

Southport Trinity 1-2 Birkdale R


Under 14 Maric Trophy

Southport FC Yellow 0-9 South Sefton Borough

Great Crosby 3-0 Kirkby Woodpecker

Birkdale United 1-2 Southport Trinity


Jaguars Red 0-9 Burscough

Jaguars White 0-8 Southport FC Black

Real Waterloo 9-1 Hesketh Colts

Redgate Green 0-9 Burscough Green


Under 15 Karen Potter Trophy

Birkdale United 8-1 S&A Amateurs

Formby JSC 1-1 Dynamo Rangers

(Formby JSC win 3-2 on Pens)

Redgate Rovers 1-2 AFC Liverpool

Maghull Youth 0-3 Skem Athletic


Under 16 Premiership

Formby JSC White 3-1 Crosby Stuart


Under 16 Ken & Les Cup

Birkdale United 4-1 Colts Blue

S&A Amateurs 0-5 Prescot Cables

Marina Sands 3-6 Formby FC Juniors

Burscough 5-2 Formby JSC Black

Colts Red 1-1 Burscough Green

(Colts Red won 4-3 on Pens)

Myers 1-2 Crosby Youth


Under 18 Gordon Hyde Price Cup

Maghull Youth 4-3 Formby Dons

Town Green 3-0 Birkdale United


Karen Potter Craven Minor JFL Fixtures Week Ending 9th February 2013


Under 9 Jim Rourke Trophy

Formby JSC White v Town Green

Redgate White v Burscough

S&A Amateurs Red v Redgate Yellow


Under 9 Leopards

Southport FC Yellow v Trinity White


Under 9 Panthers

Formby JSC Black v Trinity Blue

Crosby Stuart v Formby Athletic

S&A Amateurs Blue v Birkdale United

Southport FC Black v Hesketh Colts


Under 10 Hawks Saturday

Special thanks to the two teams below who have agreed to play Saturday and Sunday to reduce the backlog of fixtures;

Redgate Green v Formby FC Juniors


Under 10 Hawks Sunday

Formby JSC v Redgate Green


Under 10 Wilf Jenkinson Cup

Redgate Yellow v Formby JSC Rangers

Birkdale United v Redgate Black

S&B Rangers v Colts Blue

Town Green v Formby JSC White


Under 10 Charity Shield

Formby FC Juniors v Trinity Blue

Colts Red v Ormskirk

Colts Green v Southport FC Juniors


Under 11 Premiership

Southport FC Juniors v Town Green

Southport Trinity v Birkdale R

Birkdale Black v Formby JSC


Under 11 Championship

Hesketh Colts v Birkdale S

Formby Athletic v S&A Amateurs


Under 12 Premiership

Billinge v Formby JSC White

Birkdale Black v Redgate Black

Southport FC Juniors v Redgate Yellow


Under 12 Championship

S&A Amateurs v Town Green

Formby JSC Black v Birkdale Hawks

Southport Trinity v Hesketh Colts


Under 13

Southport Trinity v Redgate Rovers

Birkdale R v Formby JSC

Great Crosby v Southport FC Juniors


Under 14 Premiership

Great Crosby v South Sefton Borough

Southport FC Black v Kirkby Woodpecker

Birkdale United v Redgate Yellow

Town Green v Burscough


Under 14 Championship

Jaguars Red v Jaguars White

Hesketh Colts v Formby JSC

Burscough Green v Real Waterloo

Redgate Green v Southport FC Yellow


Under 15 Karen Potter Cup

AFC Liverpool v Birkdale Black

Town Green v Southport Trinity

Hudson Celtic v Redgate Rovers


Under 15 Premiership

Sefton Rangers v Maghull Youth


Under 15 Championship

S&A Amateurs v Formby JSC


Under 16 Adam Bell Cup

Crosby Stuart v Town Green


Under 16 Premiership

Crosby Youth v Birkdale United

Formby JSC White v Formby FC Juniors


Under 16 Championship

Skem Athletic v Redgate Yellow

Burscough v Marine

Colts Red v Formby JSC Black

Marina Sands v Maghull Youth


Under 16 League One

Myers v Mitch

S&A Amateurs v Colts Blue

Southport Trinity v Burscough Green

Redgate Green v Hudson Rangers


Under 18

Maghull Youth v Birkdale United

Town Green v Great Crosby CPSOB

Formby JSC v Formby Dons

 By Mike Taylor

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