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K Redmond Plumbing & Heating (Southport) Gas Safety Who Cares?

Local Plumber & Heating Engineer, Keith Redmond is concerned for gas safety in our homes.

Keith said:

Having worked in the Plumbing & Heating business for over 35 years, I am shocked to see the way the business has gone.

Nobody seems to care about the quality customer care on gas safety.

Boiler manufactures keep putting up the price of their products but put cheaper and cheaper parts in their boilers.

They don’t seem to care who they sell them to, as long as they roll of the gas production line.

There are no apprentices, just colleges running short gas courses leaving people qualified, but having little practical skill.

You have large national companies charging more than market prices for their products!

What has national and local government done to combat the problem of gas safety – very little I would say.

They spent millions of pounds on grant aid boiler replacement schemes, many boilers that have been fitted within a few years are beyond economic repair.

Local trading standards take from four to six weeks to deal with complaints from the public.

They spend millions of pounds giving people housing benefit, yet they don’t check if these flats and houses have gas certificates.

They allow bad landlords to provide sub standard housing converting old houses into flats.

They leave tenants without heating and hot water, sometimes for weeks on end.

There is evidence of high level illegal gas work being carried out in Southport with the fitting of second hand parts and boilers being fitted by unqualified workers.

How many more people will have to die before people wake up?  

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