Fly tippers are being urged to stop and call a new hotline before they dump their trash on Britain’s streets.


Anti-fly tipping campaigners Junk Hunters have launched the new service as a direct response to new Government figures which revealed more than a million incidents of fly tipping in a single year.

Fly tipping in England cost councils £58 million to clear up from 2016-17, according to the new figures.

Two thirds of fly tipped waste came from private households and Junk Hunters believe families need more accessible information on disposing of rubbish safely and legally.

Junk Hunters founder Harsha Rathnayake says that people simply do not know how to get rid of their refuse properly and so try to find somewhere to dump it, often by night.

He noted that the most common size category of fly tipping was a “small van load”, comprising 33% of all incidents, followed by “car boots” at 27%.

Committed environmentalist Mr Rathnayake said that quantities like these can be daunting for individuals or small business owners who do not have experience in proper rubbish removal.

He said that the hotline number – 0800 2335865 – was aimed at anyone who found themselves with more trash than they can fit into their wheelie bins. He wants anyone tempted to dump waste to call the hotline and says they shouldn’t be put off by the costs involved because he will combine jobs if possible to bring prices down.

He hopes the move will help to tackle the problem of fly tipping, which saw a seven per cent year-on-year increase in incidents.

Mr Rathnayake added that as there had also been a 56% rise in fixed penalty notices in the same time, it was in people’s own interests to dispose of their refuse legally.