Southport again is in the spotlight on Monday morning at 11.10am channel 5.

The Antiques Man says  “the show is worth watching”, he does not want to give too much away ………and by the way it is nothing really to do with antiques ………………

Cowboy Builders and Bodge Jobs is the name of the show.

With a name like that,  you see why you must watch this show.


It is the 13th time OTS NEWS has featured the TV cameras at Nolan’s Antique shop.

Nolan said, “It is so important for the Southport businesses to join together to publicise Southport and attract people back to the town we all love”.

He went on to say: “Instead of bickering about closed shops on Lord Street or if Southport should be in or out of Lancashire. We should concentrate on the positives. We are part of Merseyside whether we like it or not, We are going to have a Mayor, whether we like it or not and most probably it will be an Evertonian  Joe Anderson.

I am not into party politics, but remember Anderson loves Merseyside and that includes Southport.  So we all should get behind the PEOPLE OF THE BID  like Enda Rylands of the Ramada Hotel to promote the town of Southport Merseyside. The run off from being linked to Liverpool is so great. Bring on the TV Cameras and thank God we are part of Merseyside or otherwise we could end up as another seaside town failure.”


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