THE former Corrie Star is yet to have a permanent memorial in her adopted hometown of Southport but Jean Alexander is set to be immortalised in a special art project by her former neighbours in Toxteth.

A group of artists and community volunteers from Liverpool 8, also known as Toxteth, have started the ‘BrickwallL8’ scheme which would rebuild and regenerate a dilapidated wall on the corner of Cairns Street and Princess Avenue.
And Jean Alexander currently leads the way as a prime candidate to be immortalised as either a mural on the wall or have her name engraved in special commemorative bricks alongside other famous sons and daughters of Liverpool.

A spokesperson for the ‘Brickwall L8’ scheme said: “This year we saw the passing of Hilda Ogden a wonderful Liverpool, actress from the L8, district of the town.

“Such is the interest and pride in Hilda, a group of people from Liverpool 8, have no intention of allowing her name to disappear from the area where she grew up. They have great plans to have Hilda’s image painted on a gable end wall.”