Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review – The Firepit Bar and Grill (Southport)

24th June 2016

The Firepit Southport

Photo: Mr Aubergine – The Firepit Bar and Grill

Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review – The Firepit Bar and Grill

Dear Connoisseurs I am Jacques Aubergine, a lover of good food and drink. I have eaten at some very good restaurants and some very bad restaurants across the British Isles.

I have had service that was excellent and service that I just wouldn’t recommend!

This will be your local guide to gastronomy! I will review the quality of the food, service, value for money and ambience, as well as my overall impression.

For potential diners, you will gain a helpful guide of the place to, or not to dine.

The only catch is that the restaurant will not know that I am coming, so you, the readers of otsnews will get an unbiased review of Southport’s restaurants have to offer you!

Bon appetite

Jacques Aubergine Restaurant Review – The Firepit Bar and Grill

On approaching the new and exciting Firepit restaurant I felt myself reminiscing of the Warehouse restaurant and many visits I paid over the years it was open. I was just hoped I would enjoy tonight as much as the good old days!

out-ots-southportWe were greeted by David and to my delight the layout and decor has not changed it felt cool, spacious and welcoming.

I almost could not wait to see what exciting things the menu had to offer.

We went in with an open mind not knowing much about the Firepit only that it was a bar and grill with a sister restaurant in Rawtenstall Lancashire.

We sat in a spacious booth very comfy! The drinks menu is extensive ranging from draft and bottle beer, wines, champagne and a great range of cocktails and fancy shots!

Drinks ordered … now to peruse the menu!  Lots of fabulous choice for meat lovers, vegetarian and children are all catered for. We found it very difficult to decide!

menu-otsburger-otsDavid was extremely helpful guiding us through the menu and recommending signature dishes.

To start I went for the Firepit Ribs and my partner the Garlic and Chilli King Prawns prices seem very reasonable and lots of starters and appetizers to choose from.


The Firepit Ribs arrived sizzling hot and beautifully presented in a black rustic dish, the pork was so tender they had clearly been slow cooked to perfection as the meat fell off the bone…delish! Perfectly seasoned with sesame seeds the Buffalo BBQ sauce was so tasty!

My partners Prawns were also presented very well with a salad garnish and toasted ciabatta.

Prawns were big and juicy perfectly sitting in a butter sauce the smell was divine…although she was not up for sharing!

After a nice break and another drinks order our main courses arrived.

I ordered The Firepit speciality 10 oz Steak on a Stone and my partner the 10 oz Tuna Steak on a stone ….. explained how the stone cooking worked as we had never experienced this type of dining which I thought was very cool and nothing in Southport like it.

The steaks are seared and served on a slab of 350 degree (ouch!) Lava Rock by cooking the on the stone you enhance the delicate flavors. This makes it a healthier way to cook plus cooking the stake at your table…your way! How could we resist ordering!

The mains arrived and they did not disappoint….

ots-fireThe sizzling sound literally made my mouth water the steak came with sides, we went for chips and also added some creamed spinach and dipping sauces (you can choose 3 each).

Cooking the steaks was really novel and we had a cook chat about how we were going to cook it! The quality of both the steak and the tuna was very high.

My steak which I cooked rare melted in my mouth and went very well with my 3 chosen dipping sauces (Steak sauce, Teriyaki and Piri-Piri mayo) – I enjoyed every mouthful and didn’t leave a bit!

tuna-otsMy partners tuna was fabulous… I even got to taste! The dipping sauces (English, Mustard and Garlic mayo)  went so well with the chunky house chips. Again not a mouthful was left on the plate! Always a good sign … I’m certain anybody would love this Lava Rock cooking style!

Although so full after sitting relaxing and enjoying more drinks we ordered the cheese board.

The cheese was perfectly presented how cheeses should be, great sharing board and good quality crackers (not a cream cracker in site!) perfect chutney grapes and celery too.

ots-cheeseThe Firepit defiantly exceeded are expectations and we will be back , no doubt with a group of friends. Fresh ingredients, quality food, knowledgable staff and trendy surroundings …whats not worth coming back for!


Contact Information

The Firepit Bar & Grill
30 West Street

Email: southport@thefirepitrestaurant.co.uk

Telephone: +44 (0)1704 537200