Jacqueline Barlow’s speech to the students of KGV

1st May 2015
The election candidates for the Southport area visited KGV for a hustings on Friday. It was fully supported by the students who asked intelligent and testing questions.

“I am Jacqueline Barlow of the Southport Party. I feel it is my time to stand up to be counted and return Southport to Borough status, self- determination and budget control.

I also feel, as new and young voters, that it is your time and your life and urge you to stand up to be counted also. One person can make a difference, especially at this time when any elected government will need an independent’s vote and support on policy.

During this campaign I have been the only candidate to champion the youth of our town, and champion them as a priority. Although I suspect the other parties will now mention you today. Previously they have only cynically courted the older population for their votes as statistics show these are the people most likely to vote.

I can understand any one of you being confused or disengaged about the election and what is the relevance to you.

After all, the established parties in this town, have overseen the removal of so many services relating to children and young people. Removal of your medical care, removal of your sports facilities, removal of your opportunities.

I want to open up transport links throughout the region to give you as many job opportunities available as I can, as I strongly believe in you and your hard working ethics, and for those of you younger and not able to vote I also want to give you a voice. If we are free from Sefton we could look at reinstating our lost services so you can maximise your potential.

You are made to pay adult prices from the age of 12 for leisure & family pursuits, but do not get a voice. I would like to challenge this on your behalf as if these pursuits were more affordable the more of you would participate, which would improve your quality of life and experiences, raise attendance and assist our local business. WIN WIN

Also I would like to make you aware of any community projects that are available to you, so you can join their enterprises. Which gives you the opportunity to volunteer and serve your community, giving you the responsibility you deserve, desire and I know you can accept. Building back up our town together with you developing your confidence and personal skills which can only benefit your CV, job potential and Southport as a whole.

So I hope you feel you now have a real alternative to the status quo and a relevance and priority in agenda.”

Jacqueline’s speech met by a lot of support by the students of KGV who later said that the points she brought up “good ideas” in helping younger people in the Southport area.

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