Is Your Child Passionate About Skateboarding? 4 Things You Need To Know As A Parent

27th February 2022

If your children are completely obsessed with the world of skateboarding and enjoy nothing more than practicing outside with their friends and watching YouTube videos of skateboarding stars, you will know how much skateboarding can take over and become a huge and all-consuming passion.

With this in mind, continue reading to learn four things you absolutely need to know as a parent of a child who is obsessed with skateboarding.


1.    Remember That Skateboarding Parks Are For All Ages


If there is always a responsible adult accompanying your child when they are skateboarding at one of the dedicated parks across the length and breadth of the country, then it is more acceptable for your child to be skateboarding with much older children.

However, it is always best to ascertain the required ability level of the skateboarders, especially when they are out with friends and especially in the evenings or even in the dark. If the particular skateboarding park that your child frequents is one that is used by teenagers and adults as well as children, this can be where accidents happen, so it may well be worth finding a more suitable place for your child to skateboard.


2.    You Must Teach Your Child How To Fall Safely


Famous skateboarders, such as Tony Hawks and his peers, are always quoted saying something along the lines of that no matter how good you are at skateboarding, you must always imagine you are near to falling off.

Although riding a skateboard does not require you to be too far from the floor, falling at the wrong angle, especially at high speeds, can and often does lead to broken bones and even, in rare but extreme cases, permanent head injuries.


3.    Safety Is Paramount


Even if your child is currently only playing outside in your own back garden where they are always supervised and protected – so that if they do have an accident, they can be looked after immediately – it is still absolutely crucial to provide them with safety gear.

As well as a good-quality and branded helmet, another safety item that is often overlooked, both in young skateboarders and old alike, is that of some sturdy, strong and protective Triple 8 elbow pads, which will prevent your child from spraining or even breaking their arms.


4.    The Basic Rules Of Skateboarding


Although it has fewer rules than many solo sporting activities, there are still some basic rules of skateboarding that your child must adhere to, for both the safety of themselves and other skateboarders and bystanders as well.

Such fundamental rules of skateboarding include never riding a skateboard on the pavement or on the road, never using the skateboard in snow, rain or other wet weather conditions, obeying each and every advisory rule at skate parks and only ever having one person on each skateboard at a time.

Other skateboarding regulations involve never skateboarding in overly crowded areas, on escalators or other moving walkways and never wearing headphones.