Is Southport Pontins really the worst place on earth?

Shocking reviews of the grim conditions found by guests staying at Southport Pontins holiday camp could be detrimental towards the future of the bluecoat holiday camp.

So far guests have rated Pontins ‘Terrible’ 1,527 times.

One Trip advisor review said:

“My wife was running the Liverpool marathon on a Sunday. We travelled up from Kent and booked Pontins for a 2 night stay on the Saturday before the race and sunday after.

“After a long car journey we pulled into Pontins only to be greeted by the strong smell of weed!

“We went to check in at reception and we were greeted by what only could be described as ‘chav’ capital. there were kids as young as 10 drinking beer from bottles and cans of red bull and girls which looked the same age pushing prams!”

“However as we were using this hotel as a 2 night stop over we didn’t really plan on socializing and going to the pub and entertainment as long as they kept out of our way it wouldn’t be a problem”.

“During check in the girl at reception informed me that they had no linen and could we come back in 2 hours to collect. which was not a problem”.

“Upon entering our chalet that’s when the main problems started. The place was an absolute dump! We had our 3 children with us, they took their shoes off and within a matter of minutes their white socks had turned black. It felt like our shoes were sticking to the floor. The chairs were disgusting. They had layer upon layer of thick dust on them. The bath was the worst bit. It was covered in hairs and mould. We had brought food to cook dinner but the kitchen was also in a state where the cooked looked like it had not been cleaned in years!

“We decided to head straight out and find a restaurant to eat. 4 hours later 8pm we returned to reception to get our linen. The receptionist said “im sorry but the linen didn’t turn up” so we have none!!! By this point I was fuming. I asked her what I was supposed to do as my room was filthy as it was there was no way me or my family would not sleep without clean linen. Her response was “I dunno” another receptionist said we only have double linen not singles. I asked if I could have all doubles and her response was ” errr well I spose”

“After getting back to the room and putting the beds together we decided to go to bed 10:30pm as we had to get up early to go to Liverpool. There was absolutely no chance of getting to sleep as all you could hear was kids running around shouting and screaming up to 3AM. Where the hell were there parents I don’t know.

“After getting up after only having a few hours sleep we decided to check out a day early. There was no way I would ever stay here again even if you pay me

Southport Pontins, General Manager replied:

“Thanks for your review of Pontins Southport and we are sorry you did not enjoy your stay here.

We have invested heavily in refurbishing all rooms and it is not acceptable when you encounter cleaning issues in your accommodation. We are sorry for these problems and will look at ways to ensure these issues do not happen again.”

“We have lots of entertainment and activities on Park and we are sorry if they were not to your liking. Our world-famous blue coats take great pride in entertaining our guests and they are backed up by some exceptional visiting cabarets.”

“We take note of your other issues and we are looking at making more improvements in the very near future and we hope to have a Park that has the best facilities in the area. We welcome up to 3000 guests each night and we hope to provide enough variety and activities to please everyone and we are sorry that you were not satisfied.”

“However we thank you for taking the time to write your review.”

You can read more reviews on Southport Pontins here

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