Sefton’s councillors recently expressed their disappointment at selfish individuals leaving heaps of garbage behind on our beaches and local sand dunes.

Disposable barbecues and broken glass bottles are frequently left partially buried in the sand with sharp wires and splinters exposed. This can pose a risk to wildlife, pets and humans that may walk on it and get injured.

The message is clear to beach visitors – act responsibly and take your litter home or leave it in bins provided. Do not expect others to clean it up for you.

There have also been important concerns about foolish people risking the Southport Lifeboat team by getting themselves into avoidable situations, wherein they needed to be rescued from the incoming tide.

Worries about lack of social distancing have also been raised with regards to recent beach crowding as well as parking problems.

Our beaches and dunes are wonderful places of natural beauty – let’s keep them this way.


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Beach visitors urged to take rubbish home