Some car owners in Southport still don’t get the message even though there have been numerous warnings about opportunist thieves operating in the area.

As you can see in the photograph above there was an iphone left in a car in full view in a Birkdale Road this afternoon (Sunday 12th August 2012).

Make sure you don’t become a victim of crime by removing any valuables such as handbags, phones, cameras and SatNav devices from your vehicle, at least lock away in a secure boot, and certainly well out of sight.  Pushing valuables underneath the seat will not prevent a thief from stealing it.

You can help prevent your car being a target for thieves by taking some simple precautions. Do not leave valuables in view. Thieves are opportunists and it can take only moments to break in. Lock all doors and close windows and sunroofs when leaving your car.
Wipe off any marks on the windscreen that may indicate there could be a SatNav.    Never leave keys in the ignition when your car is unattended or unlocked.
 By taking a few minutes to make sure your car is safe and valuables are out of sight, can prevent you from becoming a victim of crime.  Keep your belongings safe, hidden and locked!

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