Internet speed misery will be a thing of the past for resort residents

2nd July 2020

Super slow internet speeds in Southport are set to be a thing of the past according to Virgin Media.

Bosses at the internet provider announced today that they are set to make gigabit broadband widely available on Merseyside for the first time.

Named Gig1, the new ultra high tech broadband connection means that ultra-high-definition 4K films, TV programmes, large files and 360-degree videos can be downloaded almost instantaneously, bosses say.

Jeff Dodds, Chief Operating Officer at Virgin Media, said: “This is a next-generation broadband boost for Merseyside.

“Whether people are working from home, learning online, video calling friends and family or binging on a box set in 4K, with hyperfast speeds more than 20 times faster than Liverpool’s average broadband connection, Gig1 means they can do everything they want online, at the same time, without delay.