Sir John Major is both right and wrong at the same time about immigration, said UKIP deputy leader Paul Nuttall today.

“He is quite right to say it’s about numbers not nationalities but he is wrong to say this is a short term problem.

“He may wish to portray it as short term but the UK is going to continue to be a magnet for migrants from all over the world and him saying otherwise won’t make it so.

“And let us not forget that it was Sir John who was behind the UK joining the Exchange Rate Mechanism in 1990 and we all know how disastrously that ended with Black Wednesday just two years later.

“Sir John spoke on BBC’s Andrew Marr Show of Britain not closing its doors to immigrants and again I would like to make it clear that UKIP would not slam the door shut either.

“But we must have control over our borders so we can insure that we allow in those who will benefit our country, such as professionals and the highly skilled, and for that we need to introduce a points based system similar to that used in Australia,” said Mr Nuttall, North West MEP.

“The Conservatives can waffle all they want about re-negotiating with Brussels about free movement within the EU but that is a fundamental tenet of the institution and the Eurocrats have already made it quite clear they have no intention of altering it.

“Sir John himself said that at the present rate of immigration our population world rise by 25% in a few decades. This cannot be allowed to happen and the first step for saving our overcrowded island is leaving the EU.

“It has been claimed that migrants add billions of pounds to our economy but now even the government’s own work and pensions secretary, Iain Duncan Smith, has described this as ‘silly’.

“It is not only silly it is pro-EU politicians trying to hoodwink the public and frankly it isn’t working, the public are far more aware than they think.”

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