iMind Reviews: The Next-Generation Video Conferencing Platform in the UK

7th December 2022

As businesses continue to go digital and internal activities continue to become more remote, the demand for video conferencing platform solutions like iMind is hitting the roof. 89% of companies now use multiple video conferencing tools for companies. In addition, 51% of industry analysts feel video conferencing solutions will soon become more important than artificial intelligence.

Organizations in the United Kingdom and around the world now utilize professional video conferencing solutions like to keep their everyday business processes running as smoothly even with employees scattered remotely around the world. But what is iMind, what does it offer, and how does it work?

What is iMind?

iMind is a next-generation service for online meetings, video conferences, and webinars for businesses in and outside of the United Kingdom. With iMind, companies and individuals can organize meetings with remote employees, set up team communication, and ensure the security of broadcasts. You can participate in video conferences from the browser window, desktop program, and mobile application.

Best Video Conferencing Platform

Video chatting or videoconferencing doesn’t seem to surprise anyone anymore. Free video calls are available to almost everyone. Even text messaging services which started with chat messaging have now added video call functionality. There are also free applications with basic functionality for joining multiple participants in a video conference. But there are several disadvantages of such communication. The quality of communication sometimes leaves much to be desired, the service is in the cloud and, therefore, privacy is not guaranteed. Also, there are not a lot of functionalities.

However, with iMind, videoconferencing gets more interesting. For added security, companies can host the service on their own servers. The iMind reviews online also lend more credence to the rich functionality and benefits it offers work teams around the world.

iMind Key Features

Th features of iMind includes the following:

  • conferences with up to 100 participants;
  • meetings up to 24 hours;
  • record conferences and download them to MP4;
  • sending invitations to participants;
  • share a screen or a single application;
  • create separate rooms;
  • leaving reactions;
  • text chat.

You can use the video conferencing tool to perform all the aforementioned tasks.

iMind Pricing

Find below iMind pricing.

  • paid subscriptions start at $6.99 per month for the Pro plan;
  • there is a free trial period;
  • payment method: By subscription;
  • there is a free plan with up to 4 participants with video.

You can enjoy the iMind services according to your subscription plan.

Accessibility features

The iMind platform has the following accessibility features:

  • platform: Web application, Android application, iOS application, Windows application, Mac Application, Linux application;
  • maximum number of participants: 100;
  • works from different devices;
  • call recording.

These features make the video conferencing tool a handy tool for big and small businesses.

Security and Privacy Features

If you are skeptical about the platforms security and privacy features, here is something for you:

  • there is HTTPS access;
  • multi-factor authorization.

The platform is totally secured eliminating any fear of compromise.

Communication features

iMind can perform has the following communication features:

  • call Recording;
  • works from different device;
  • communication quality setting;
  • notifications;
  • text chat;
  • shows presentations;
  • document collaboration;
  • desktop demo;
  • whiteboard;
  • polls and voting.

The video conferencing tool can be used to perform the aforementioned communication features.


iMind is more than a video chat platform. It’s a video conferencing tool for businesses looking to organize conferences, online rallies, webinars, or seminars in the UK or all over the globe. It’s available for free for small companies but is really affordable (with a starting price of $6.99) for companies that need more features.