Illegal fishing in Hesketh Park, Southport

25th May 2018

Illegal fishing in Hesketh Park, Southport

Illegal fishing in Hesketh Park has been reported to us via a local Councillor.

To report illegal fishing use the following number:
Telephone: 0800 80 70 60
24-hour service

Or SEFTON SECURITY on 0151 922 6107

Rod fishing byelaws (rules) protect fish stocks. These regional byelaws apply to all waters in England, whether they are owned by angling clubs, local councils or private individuals. Owners may impose additional rules but the byelaws must still apply to their water. Anyone failing to comply with these byelaws could face prosecution and receive a fine of up to £50,000.

Anyone fishing with a rod and line must hold a rod fishing licence and comply with the byelaws that cover the waters where they are fishing.

Police officers and staff patrol the parks and gardens of Southport on a regular basis, and will challenge anyone found fishing in parks to declare rod licences and written permission from Sefton Council to fish in the lakes. Anyone found in breach of these byelaws may have equipment seized. This includes vehicles used to transport the equipment to the site of the offence.

Environment Agency officers have also been made aware of the issue, for patrols of the parks and gardens.

For more information regarding rod licences and byelaws relevant to fishing, follow the links to the Environment Agency website below.

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