Hundreds of bikers expected to descend upon Southport Carousel

6th May 2018

Hundreds of bikers expected to descend upon Southport Carousel

Another bank holiday weekend. Hopefully the weather will bring us warm sunny days and if they do, Southport will be busy, as it usually is when the weather is on our side. This of course means busy traffic on the roads, and Southport is a key destination for bikers. Weekends, Bank Holidays and Wednesday nights are key times for bikers to make the Carousel on Southport Promenade a key destination to meet.


In order to ensure there is room for everyone to park up, please park bikes on the TILED area, and move bikes as far in towards the barrier as possible. Please do not clog the narrow entrance area, as other bikers will not be able to get on.

The TILED area is PRIVATE PROPERTY. The tarmac area is PUBLIC HIGHWAY. Following complaints received that bikes parked on the tarmac area were obstructing the pavement, and forcing disabled people to have to go into the road to get past, we began putting signs up advising of this. A photograph sent in by a member of the public has been included with this article to display the issues.

The tarmac area is also often used by the Pier Train service. We therefore ask that you do NOT park bikes on this area, to keep this area clear for pedestrians, especially the disabled, and also to avoid any bikes getting damaged by the train.

The other area that MUST BE KEPT CLEAR AT ALL TIMES is the dropped kerb entrance at the top of the hill, that gives access for emergency vehicles to get to the lower promenade. Unfortunately, despite the big red signs on the wall there, some people still park bikes there. Please DO NOT park anywhere on the hill.

There are of course times when it gets extremely busy and sometimes bikes are parked on the middle pathway, between the grass verges. If bikes are parked in this area, there must be no obstruction of the pathway to pedestrians. For example, there must be enough room for two wheelchairs, side by side, to get past.

It is important bikers understand that pedestrians have the right of way on footpaths AT ALL TIMES and that, by default, you therefore accept responsibility when riding on and off to park up on the tiled area or footpath.

Many of us are bikers ourselves, and go to the carousel, Rivi Barn, St. Annes and other bike meets too. We want you to enjoy your ride out to Southport and get home safely to your families, along with other visitors to the town. Please follow these guidelines and the signs on the posts at the carousel and park considerately.


And don’t forget…BRITISH SUPERBIKES at Oulton Park this weekend: Free Practice Saturday, Qualifying Sunday and race day B/H Monday.

Thanks, and if you have any questions, please post them below or ask one of us when we are on duty in the area.

Ride safely : Get back safely