How Your Business Can Use Addressable Media To Increase Revenue

17th June 2022

With new technologies popping up all over the place it can feel increasingly difficult to keep on top of them. Addressable media is one of these new technology methods. Addressable media is basically any online platform that gathers information about users. This may be from emails, social media accounts or any other user accounts.

The problem with traditional media is that it randomly chooses users to display adverts to. The new way to tackle this problem is through addressable media which, as previously discussed, involves getting users’ personal data and search patterns to filter which adverts are shown.

How can addressable media increase revenue?

Unique data acquisition

When you target specific customers to your site, you want to make sure they’re on the right track. The ideal way of doing this is to work out their search patterns and personal interests. Not only does this include their attitude towards certain situations, but also how active they are on the internet.

The main benefit of this is that it ensures the people actively seeing your ads are likely to actually be interested in engaging with and purchasing the product or service, in contrast to when random ads are shown to them.

Frequency management

We all know how frustrating it is when we’re hit with spam advertisements. This is especially bad for marketers who spam ads to the right customers because this can turn a positive into a negative.

Using addressable media decreases the risk of over-advertising. Your business will be able to balance the frequency of your ads to get the right exposure. This is done effectively so that potential customers can know what you can offer them but without bombarding them.

Elimination of waste

Addressable media ensures that all the attention you get is actually from internet users that are interested. Reaching out to the right audience is the key to efficient advertising – there’s nothing worse than receiving negative impressions of your adverts by showing them to uninterested or inactive customers. Addressable media makes sure that time and resources aren’t wasted.

You don’t need to rely on chance alone

More traditional methods of marketing make use of universal measurements only, which ends up targeting almost all users of the internet. This old method relies on the chance of getting the right customers to your site rather than using methods to control your audience and deliver to those hard-to-reach audiences, as well as make sure that customers benefit from receiving relevant adverts.

Tying into this point is the opportunities presented to smaller companies. Addressable media gives them the chance to get started in the advanced television world without having to commit massive sums of money.

Final thoughts

In conclusion, addressable media is very useful for increasing revenue for companies both big and small. It makes it possible for specific audiences to be reached in a more advanced way than previously possible, helps to avoid wasted money on ads, and can measure and attribute the sales directly to the sales driving them. In short, you’re missing out if you’re not trying addressable media, as it has the potential to revolutionise your advertising strategy.