How to watch Carabao Cup Final 2023

22nd February 2023

We know competitors fighting for first place at the Carabao Cup Final 2023.
The final play between Manchester United and Newcastle United will be hosted at Wembley Stadium, kicking off at 4.30 PM on  Sunday, 26 February.

Unfortunately, the Fan Zone has a limited capacity of 90.000 people and alcohol will be stopped serving one hour before the kick-off.


So what are the options for those who want to enjoy drinks or didn’t have a chance to book a ticket?


Option number 1: set the party at your place.

Your house is your castle and fortress. But there is only an issue with finding a live broadcaster if you don’t pay £33.99 a month to Sky Sports. Keep in mind that ITV Sport has a highlights-only accreditation. If it is not an option, you can watch the live stream at a betting website and enjoy spinning slots at a best payout online casino at the same time. On the website, you can find the most competitive odds offers and pick an online casino with your favourite games accomplished by the best welcome bonuses.
Watching the play at home has a lot of non-obvious benefits. The main point is that you wouldn’t face a fan of the opposing team (only if you invite it yourself). Going potluck will help you to dodge the guy who always votes for sushi instead of ribs or whatever you like. 


Option number 2: not really an option.

Do not spoil your Sunday by trying to smuggle spirit or slipping stowaway. It is the first domestic English men’s final in 35 years, so all the security guys will be on high alert.


Friendly reminder for those of us who are lucky enough to get a ticket: plan your trip.
The most reliable sources are the National Rail Enquiries and TfL websites.


Option number 3: go to your favourite pub.

Old but gold. There is no need to guide you as you already know how to implement that plan. Just go for it. Good luck!

Fun fact: David Coote, who would referee the Carabao Cup Final, was accused of supporting Manchester United after backgrounded pictures from Coote’s Facebook profile were mistakenly taken for Old Trafford. Luckily, it is confirmed that the background is not Old Trafford but Wembley, so there will not be any ref change. According to the 2022/23 statistics, David Coote completed 23 games and handed out 86 yellow and two red cards.