If you work in digital marketing and media and are in charge of managing a program or team, it’s likely that you will have multiple media projects in progress simultaneously. Keeping on track of all the moving pieces can get challenging quickly, so if you aren’t organized and in control, you’re more at risk of falling at the first hurdle.

Knowing how to prioritize your workload and how to delegate tasks correctly can make all the difference. If you are struggling to keep on top of things, here are a few strategies on how to successfully manage multiple media projects.

Don’t Multi-Task

While it may sound counterproductive initially, multi-tasking may not be as productive as you might think. When we split our focus, this causes our brain to give less attention to each task. With a variety of media projects to handle, it’s important that you put your full effort and concentration into each, otherwise, the final outcome may not be what you hoped for. Rather than trying to do two things at once, it’s best to give one thing your full attention.

Plan Ahead

With multiple media projects to oversee, one of the best strategies that you can take is to plan ahead. Before the working day begins, it’s best to spend your morning evaluating what you need to accomplish. You may find that some projects are more important than others, so knowing how to prioritize your workload to ensure everything gets completed on time is key.


One way to stay above water when working on multiple media projects is by remaining organized. If your calendar is outdated, or your inbox is overflowing, this can cause numerous problems and result in you being less productive with your time. Following simple organizational tactics such as keeping a to-do list can make all the difference and help reduce stress levels. If you work in an office environment, keeping your workspace clean and tidy can also do wonders for your mind.

Set Realistic Expectations

If you’re in charge of numerous media projects, it’s best to set realistic expectations and goals from the offset. There is only so much you can do in a day, so rather than pushing yourself to the limits, it’s better to be honest and frank with what your capabilities are. When delivering your projects, it’s likely that each client will have different expectations, so having frequent communication throughout the process will increase the chances of a successful outcome.


Whether you’re working alone, or as part of a team on media projects, effective communication is crucial. For projects to be completed according to plan, communication lines need to be open from start to finish. As the saying goes, teamwork makes the dream work, so unless you feel confident in expressing your views to other members of the team, it’s likely that you won’t be putting your full concentration and skills into the project. Being professional and attentive to fellow colleagues and clients can help build your reputation and increase the chances of repeat custom.

Use the Right Tools and Software

Managing multiple media projects can be incredibly stressful if you aren’t using the correct tools and software. To optimize your workflow and keep track of projects, you may want to consider using portfolio kanban, which is a management system to help you visualize the current state of your multiple projects. Kanbanize is a company that can assist you with multiple projects to improve efficiency, productivity, and predictability.

Avoid Distractions

With a mountain of workload to get through, it’s important that you eliminate any distractions that could hinder your concentration levels. Part of juggling multiple media projects is learning the importance of focusing well and not letting anything get in the way. In the modern world we live in, social media is a huge part of our day to day lives, so if you’re prone to scrolling through your feed when in the office, it’s best to get rid of any distractions that could have a negative impact on your work. Time management skills can help you manage your time more effectively and efficiently.

Take Frequent Breaks

If you have a number of media projects to manage, it’s advised to take regular breaks to recharge your batteries. Many of us are working longer hours than ever, however, doing so can heighten stress levels and have an influence on how well you work. Taking some time away from your desk to relax and unwind can help you feel calmer and more relaxed, meaning you will be more productive once you return to your seat.

Overseeing multiple media projects will come with its challenges and obstacles. To increase productivity and ensure you’re putting 110% into your work, be sure to use all the tips and strategies listed above.