How to Start up Your Hot Tub Business

19th February 2021

Whether you are looking for a complete career change or a side business to bring in some extra cash, starting your own hot tub enterprise could be a profitable move. With more people looking for new ways to enjoy their gardens, the hot tub industry is on the rise. Getting started straight away may seem like a cinch, but before you dive in, here are a few things to consider.

Know Your Product

There are different types of hot tubs to choose from. A wooden tub often requires a log-fired stove to heat up the water, while a hard-shell hot tub is electric. Hard-shell tubs are usually built with sturdy side panels and are often designed with a wide range of features such as jets and lights. An inflatable hot tub is the most portable type and runs on electricity, just like the hard-shell variety. Besides the different types, hot tubs come in all shapes and sizes. Visit a showroom to gather more information about the set up and maintenance costs for each type.

Target Your Audience

Once you get to grips with the different types of hot tubs and the costs attributed to each one, you can begin to target your audience and advertise your business. With many people wanting to try before they buy, there is always a market for a hot tub. The target audience can vary from individuals looking for a special way to celebrate any occasion at home to boutique hotel owners who are searching for a unique way to attract new guests. Make your business stick out with an eye-catching brand and strengthen your online presence with an effective social media strategy.

Don’t Forget the Accessories

Once you have selected the type of hot tub you require, you can add the bells and whistles. The people behind can supply you with steps for easy access into the tub and covers to keep the water pristine in between uses. You can even invest in specially designed fragrances to add to the water. These are ideal for offering your clients an enhanced spa experience while discouraging them from using their own products, which may end up damaging the hot tub.

Hot Tub Maintenance

Although the upkeep of a hot tub is straightforward, some thought should be put into the time it takes to maintain. Proper maintenance should be undertaken. This requires cleaning the filters, maintaining the proper chemical water balance, and ensuring the water is circulating and filtering optimally.

Transport Your Business

Some of the heftier hot tubs require serious manpower, some know-how, and a sturdy set of wheels to transport it from A to B. This may not be an issue if you are looking to rent out your hot tub from a static location, such as for business owners renting out their holiday homes to short-term guests. However, for those looking to start a portable hot tub business, an inflatable hot tub is the most manageable choice. Although depending on the size, some hard-shell hot tubs can be transported on the back of a trailer or a flatbed.