How to protect your digital assets?

6th December 2022

The only thing that comes next to earning is the safekeeping of the assets and their upbringing for the benefit of self and others. The physical world is a gateway to earning and there are many means by which one can safely keep their belongings from blue-eyed people. But the thing is completely different in the case of the digital world. The digital market is based on programs and algorithms that are over the head of the common people. The other reason for being this platform is different is the users and their mindset. The mindset of different people is different for various people and many have believed that digital trade is far better than the traditional trade of the physical world. It handles all the coins/tokens displayed on the investment and trading website,

The assets of the digital world are in the form of cryptocurrencies and other derivatives associated with crypto. The value of cryptocurrencies is much higher when compared to fiat currency, so a check on their leakage and theft should be kept under one’s eye. So, these assets require more care as compared to the fiat currency. In this article, we are going to discuss the means and methods by which one can protect their crypto assets and other digital currencies. So, let us start our discussion!


The safe keep of cryptocurrencies is an important aspect of something related to the whole crypto cycle. Some of the methods and suggestions that can easily help any investor to safe keep their assets can be consolidated here as under.

Using the same exchange for buying and storing

It is a usual practice to keep the crypto assets stored on some exchange that is convenient to the investor. But, the analysts suggest that you should not keep the assets bought from one exchange stored on the same crypto platform. In the current time, when crypto exchanges get hacked is common, the storing of the crypto assets on the same platform is a risky job and should be avoided as far as possible. Exchanges have a hub of traffic for investors and thus these become an easy target for attackers.

Using a wallet of a high standard

The digital wallets being used for storing cryptocurrencies should be of a high standard and should follow many protocols and regulations set by the authorities for the safe-keeping of crypto assets. A high-standard type of wallet is a soft wallet or most commonly called a hot wallet which has a crypto key associated with the wallet. This crypto key is the type of unique key of a lock that stores the assets. Thus, only the key holder can access and manages the funds at his disposal.

Using a cold wallet

The hot wallet is a digital being causing the danger of getting hacked alive. As a result, the existence of cold wallet came into existence. The cold wallets are also called hardware wallets that store the digital key offline. Thus, there is no relation between the internet with it while storing, thus the chances of getting hacked come to zero or nil. This increases the safety and regulation of the assets.

Using a paper wallet

If someone has doubts related to the hardware wallet, there is another method of storing the assets offline. The most secure but least convenient form of securing digital assets is in the form of paper wallets. Paper wallets are impossible to hack and these wallets have keys written on them. Thus, there is no chance of getting hacked as soon as the evil-eyed person holds the paper in his hands. Thus, the security of assets gets increased with the facility of paper wallets.