How to Promote your Instagram: 10 Ideas That Works

23rd March 2024

Instagram has become an attractive market for everyone. Everyone has something, whether you are looking for career opportunities or a business person aiming to grow your business. With a few efforts, one can easily achieve their targets. 

For a quick boost, it needs to promote your Instagram. However, things are a bit challenging now due to high competition. But they can be a lot easier if you follow the correct guidelines. 

What should I do to enjoy fast growth on Instagram? There are bundles of Ideas, but will they work? To get out of that situation, read and follow our simple but effective ideas and promote your Instagram account. 


What are the ideas for Promoting your Instagram?

You may find several that confuse you when selecting the best few. However, for an easy selection, we have gathered a list of ten ideas that actually work. 


Increase Your Instagram Content

Creating more content for Instagram can help you fill your feed with posts like customer photos, memes, and short videos. You must try different things to understand what works best for your audience. That means making more content and posting more often. Posting at least once daily is recommended, but big brands post even more frequently. Knowing when to post is crucial for engagement. Instagram Stories are also important because they let you share quick, casual content without overwhelming your followers.


Share Your Instagram Posts Everywhere

Don’t let your hard work on Instagram go to waste. You should share your posts on social networks like Facebook and Twitter to reach even more people. But remember, each platform has its own rules. Instagram likes hashtags, but Facebook might need a different approach. A tool like Sprout Social’s Asset Library can make this process easier by storing all your content in one place. You can even schedule posts at the best times for each platform.


Create Content That Focuses on People

Instagram is not just about selling; it is about sharing experiences. People love seeing selfies, customer photos, and real-life product shots. Brands can advertise more humanly on Instagram, which resonates better with followers. User-generated content, like customer photos, is especially valuable. To find and share this content, you must understand how to make your content more friendly to your audiences. Such contents can help you a lot in getting impressions to increase your credibility.


Try Different Branded and Industry Hashtags

If you are a brand, try something different when applying hashtags. Brands should create their hashtags to encourage sharing and engagement. It is not complicated; just look at what brands like Ernie Ball do. They use hashtags like #iplayslinky and #colorsofrocknroll to involve their followers. Encouraging your followers to use your hashtags can lead to organic promotion of your brand. It will also help in increasing your searchability.


Get Experts help

When we are talking about experts, we help you in many ways. You can take their advice to promote Instagram. However, if you are a busy person or have a little skills you can also hire experts. There are many experts who can help you buy Instagram followers, likes, or impressions to make your posts go viral. You can use their services to enjoy fast growth. However, always prefer the ways that bring traffic to your page organically.


Tagging for Promotion

Tagging others can help boost your Instagram presence. It’s not just about hashtags. You might get a shout-out in return when you tag brands or accounts. Notifications alert tagged users, subtly promoting you. Tagging when regramming is courteous and aligns with Instagram’s guidelines. People love being featured and may share with their followers. Also, tag locations to reach new audiences. This is especially essential for businesses with physical locations or event attendance, helping attract potential fans and followers.


On-Site Instagram Content

Displaying Instagram content on your website is smart. It boosts conversions by showing satisfied customers using your products. Seeing products in real settings helps consumers understand and visualize them better. Brands use lookbooks and user-generated content on product pages for this. For instance, Casper features an Instagram slideshow showing happy sleepers. It’s all about reinforcing your Instagram presence, including promoting your hashtag on your site.


Creative Signature

Being creative sets you apart on Instagram. Have a niche or theme to inspire your content and stand out. Yeti’s feed showcases high-res outdoor photos with their products. oVertone’s feed uses bold color coding matching their product shades. If you are unsure, try Instagram apps like VSCO for creative touches. Consistent use of gradients, colors, and filters gives your feed a unique feel, making it more appealing.


Rethink Your Product Presentation

When you show off your products or deals on Instagram, make them stand out! People love new stuff, so build hype around what you offer. Take Glossier, for instance. They tease their new eye cream, making fans excited before it’s even out. Uniqlo and Pinup Girl also nail it with exciting posts and cool products. Before hitting “post,” ask yourself, “So what?” Make sure your captions are exciting and grab attention. This trick can boost your brand big time on Instagram!


Run a Contest or Giveaway

Giveaways or running contests are also awesome ideas. Many people benefit from such techniques. Contests are a big hit on social media. Brands that run contests grow their followers 70% faster. But be careful; some people just want free stuff. Try running a contest on Instagram to see if it works for you. Engaging with your followers and maybe even gaining new fans is fun. You can increase your Instagram reach to access new audiences. It may help in boosting your Instagram followers list. 


Final Words

Promoting your Instagram can help you in many ways. A large follower list or many likes and comments on your posts makes you more trusted and confident. You can easily achieve your goals with such an effective profile on Instagram. However, it takes time and effort to make your Instagram effective. You can promote it by following various easy ideas that will surely help you. Follow the guidelines we provided you in the above blog and enjoy a new world on Instagram.