How to play the lottery on the web

30th May 2022

Lotteries are an exciting chance to win big. We’ll go into more detail on how you too can earn such winnings.

How to do the lottery online

With the winning ticket in your pocket, you head to the kiosk to pick up your lottery winnings: Some people who have already won the lottery will be familiar with this. How are lottery winnings paid out in online lotteries? Is there a guaranteed payout of winnings? What deadlines must be observed and how long does the lottery payout take? In the following article, we would like to go into these questions in more detail.

Play online and never miss a prize

From the classic LOTTO 6aus49 and the Eurojackpot to KENO, freiheit+ and GlücksSpirale. On most platforms, numerous lotteries can be played from home – seriously and simply online. This has one major advantage above all: online lotteries are far more innovative. After all, they can be played with little effort, for one thing. At you can find the most attractive forms of lotteries.


In addition, there is no need for tickets and prize collections at the kiosk, which makes general participation much easier and also saves you a lot of time. On top of that, the worry of losing the ticket is also eliminated. After all, that ticket is simply stored where you are currently participating in the lottery. This has the added advantage that tickets can be viewed as quickly as possible, which in turn ensures an optimal overview.


One must not forget that game tickets also entail a certain fee if they are purchased locally. That fee is also waived in the online category.

So how exactly does one enter the lottery?

To get started with the lottery winnings payout, you must first log in to your player account. To do this, simply click on “Log in” in the top right-hand corner and enter the e-mail and password you registered with us. Players must identify themselves. This ensures that a lottery prize is not paid out to unauthorized persons and that the person playing is of legal age.


Anyone who wants to have their lottery winnings paid out must deposit an account. On some platforms, you can even create several accounts. As the holder of the player account, you must also be the holder of the bank account. After successful registration, players can easily withdraw the desired amount to a deposited bank account. Once “Cash Out Winnings” – as it is displayed on most platforms – is selected, a confirmation will appear and a confirmation email will be sent to the player account email. Under certain circumstances, it may take 1-3 business days until the sum is visible in the bank account. Tony Sloterman, founder of Lottery Finder, for example, is also a passionate lottery player and has won big.

How is the payout made?

The lottery winnings payout is mostly done through a trustee. As soon as a lottery is participated in, most platforms receive the authorization to conclude a free trust agreement with this trustee. This also regulates the payment of winnings. This trustee collects any winnings from the respective state lottery company and pays them immediately to the associated player account.

Final words

As you can see, participating in an online lottery is actually child’s play. You can sign up from the comfort of your home by creating an account in a flash. The particular advantage already lies in the fact that convenience is offered which is not possible in the physical form of lottery tickets. In addition, players get a detailed overview of all the actions that concern the lottery ticket. If there is a win, the payments are executed securely, so that you can expect your winnings within a very short time.