How to Maximize the Profit of your Company using Nearshore Software Development Team?

10th February 2022

You might be into Software development full of projects to handle, but. Do you know, you can be more profitable by creating a dedicated workforce in your nearby country like Ukraine? It could be possible with nearshore software development services. Let us see how it can be done and managed with further possibilities.


What does the term ‘Nearshore’ mean?

Nearshore outsourcing is a practice, a company can assign its work or services to other people residing in a nearby country. By the way, other than software development, you can also outsource call center and technical support jobs to your neighborhood nation.

It is an approach by which people trust more on remote working relationships. Nearshore outsourcing can help a company spend fewer labor costs in different areas for IT services. It includes but is not limited to QA testing, software development, network services, and disaster recovery.

Remote workers/team/company can be integrated well with the in-house staff of a software company. Both the teams can work together during regular business hours. You can even ask them to travel and work alongside the in-house developers whenever needed.

A firm can adjust the compensations to its outsourcing partner as per the cost of living. It can help IT firms continue their business and make profits. They do not need to rely on how many in-house employees are currently working in the office premises. Overall, it helps firms reduce overhead and operating costs since one can leverage lower wages.


Why should you choose Nearshore Outsourcing?

As per National Outsourcing Association, a large percentage of firms would like to opt for outsourcing. There are many benefits of Nearshore outsourcing like;

Large access to the Talent

Nearshore outsourcing by a company is just like expanding the reach of a business. It will help a firm get access to more options of high-quality employee skills and service partners.

Save costs

Mostly the kind of job and the location that a company is choosing to nearshore its software development work matters the most in its cost savings. It all depends on the management or decision-makers of a firm.

Growing together

By outsourcing the work, a company can facilitate any other team or company to access its assets. The outsourced team can also adopt firm protocols and business processes that its in-house team is using. An organization could also learn something new in response to working with its outsourcing partners.

Near Geographical Proximity

The Neighboring countries almost share similar time zones. Hence if required, real-time communications or traveling is possible. This will be convenient for the projects having a strict turnaround.

Lesser Language Barriers

Many nearby countries share similar cultures and even their English lingo is also similar. So a company can discuss well with the outsourcing team residing in another nation without any language or communication gap.

Expand Services

Hiring remote workers means joining more employees for a company. In this way, a firm is having the potential to expand its product and service offering to its customers.

Promoting Remote Work

After the recent pandemic, we all realize the power and importance of the remote job. Not only startups but even many big IT companies are allowing their employees to work remotely on their projects. So, outsourcing is no different!


How can you manage it?

A company has complete control over how things are happening in the nearshore outsourcing team or company. Here are some basic ways;

1) Maintaining Transparency

The nearshore outsourcing provider should know everything about the need of a hiring company to build trust. It includes, but is not limited to the company’s investments, capabilities, structure, work culture, and more. Similarly, before hiring a nearshore partner, a company should check its records. For instance, whether they allow insights about their administrative operations & issues! One can also check about hiring tactics, internal operations, and business models of the outsourcing agents. You should know who is hired or working on your outsourced project. It would be best if the company representatives should get the chance to hire the developers for the nearshore team. They can hire better people as per their needs!

2) Maintaining Company’s Structure

Appoint someone in your firm who will act as a mediator with the nearshore provider. He/She should be responsible to monitoring and analyzing the provider’s performance. The person would also make sure whether the given tasks are executed well as per the agreement. Once your company is in need to create a software product, the management should first analyze it. They should realize if it can be done better in-house, off-shore, or nearshore efficiently. Also, even if the time difference is more, you should never resist giving a chance to the nearshore team to complete your project within time. After all, their team might be working when your office staff is at rest.

3) Maintain Priorities of Outsourcing Work

Many IT firms believe outsourcing should be helpful only when there are hard deadlines to complete a project. However, there are other major cases when taking the help of a remote team of workers can benefit a company. For example, assigning a time-consuming, repetitive, or difficult task to an outside group of developers. It can relieve your in-house workers from a tedious job. Hence, you can use your in-house employees to do some high-value or meaningful work.


How to Hire or Develop a Nearshore Team?

A nearshore team must fit with a company’s budget, be aligned with your staff, and can handle regular operations without any possibility of failure. You must analyze a nearshore team or an organization based on different factors before finalizing one.

It includes reputation, country laws, and the level of training that employees possess. Also, how they will offer intellectual property security, and their commitment to protecting your company’s data.

As per global statistics, certain countries have the best software professionals in the world. The top five among them are Slovakia, Poland, Mexico, Ukraine, and Hungary.

So even if your business is not based nearby, you should once check for the best offshoring firms in these nations. You can inquire them about whether they also provide nearshore solutions via any of their nearshore office nearby your place.

Hence, if your company needs outsourcing, then you should go with the development team of such countries without any second thought. You will get quality work delivered on time at a lesser expenditure than hiring a nearshore development team of any other region.



Nearshore is all about contracting or employing services to neighboring nations as per the kind of job and need of the business. Your company might be lacking to have a talented team for your software development needs. So to avoid such a crisis, you can nearshore the work to remote but highly skilled developers that too at the best rate available in the market.

Many people think nearshore software development demands specialized skills to manage. For them, it might be more expensive to outsource a software project out of the nation than in-house or onshore, or offshore options.

However, it is not always the truth! Are you an IT firm based in nearby Ukraine and want to outsource your work? If yes, then you must hire a dedicated development team like GBKSOFT at a low price.

Their experts are fluent in English, dedicated, and perform the best of what they can do. You can trust them for the quality of work experience. So, Why not save your time and resources to be invested in the future growth of your IT Company!