How to Choose Tyres That Complement Your Car’s Style

30th May 2024

Did you know that all car tyres have an emo aesthetic? That’s right, natural rubber is white, so tyres should be, and once were, but instead they are dyed black. There is a good reason for this: when tyre manufacturing was in its youth, scientists were experimenting with various additives to see what effect, if any, they would have when combined with rubber. Binney and Smith – a company which had a division that made wax crayons, among other things, a division known as Crayola – sent the tyre researchers a sample of what was essentially soot comprising nearly pure carbon called Carbon Black. Mixed into the white rubber, it turned the product (unsurprisingly) black, but also added durability and flexibility to the rubber, helping it stand the test of time and weather and also enabling each tyre to put up with being driven for around 50,000 miles instead of the current 5,000 miles or so that white tyres could cope with. So when it comes to tyres, you can have any colour as long as it’s black – but you can still choose tyres to complement your car’s style!


Do check the specifications of your tyres to make sure the ones you want to buy will properly fit your vehicle. Improperly fitting tyres can damage your vehicle and will ruin the tyres faster due to excess wear and tear. Your local garage will be able to help you if you can’t find the information on the tyre, online or in your car-owners’ hand-book. It should be in all these places, and once you know what you’re looking for, it’s easy enough to find.


Budget tyres tend to look like what they are – a little rough and ready, a bit unfinished looking. While they will do a perfectly adequate job on the UK’s roads, they tend to look quite plain and homely, especially when compared with premium tyres which are designed to incorporate both the latest advances in engineering and design and also aesthetics – even the necessary grooves and sipes of the treads look good as well as keeping the car gripping the road in poor weather. Choose the best tyres that you can afford so you can enjoy a smooth and safe drive, whether you’re exploring the rugged terrain of Southport or navigating the bustling streets of Dunfermline. Investing in the right tyres not only enhances your driving experience but also ensures better performance and safety for your vehicle. In case you are planning to replace your tyres then consider buying tyres in Dunfermline at Fife Autocentre here.


If aesthetics are highly important to you, think about changing to alloy wheels. If you fit alloy wheels to your car, they allow you to use a tyre with a narrower sidewall which, taken with the beautiful patterns and colours available in the alloy wheel market, means that your car can look really stylish with a simple tyre and wheel change. You can also get alloys that match perfectly the colour of your car’s body, which gives it a sleek and futuristic look that is very appealing.


But all of the above concerns must take second place to your budget. Buy the best tyres you can afford, yes, but don’t get into debt trying to afford the fanciest tyres on the market. Few people need them and the whole range of tyres on the market, from the priciest to the cheapest budget options, must all adhere to EU standards of safety and roadworthiness.

Tyres might all be black. But otherwise they can be surprisingly different, so do take the time to think about your car’s style and how best to team it with the most appropriate tyres. You’ll be glad you did!