How to be happily divorced when your friends are happily married?

12th August 2020

Yes, you can. And this is the most important thing that you need to understand right now. And if right now you are faced with the need for filing for divorce online, then globally this does not change anything in the context of your relationship with friends. Do not believe it? Let’s get it together.

Friends and Family Are Two Different Things

And yes, it is of course very good when your life is filled with family, children, and communication with friends in equal parts. For many people on Earth, this makes up the perfect picture of the world. However, our life is not perfect, and if your family life ended in a legal divorce, it does not mean that all other areas of your life have ended as well. You need to be able to distinguish between concepts. Just understand that your friends have the right to their personal choice, and you have exactly the same right. It means nothing to your friendship.

Find the Strength Not to Envy

It’s hard, of course. It’s really hard to watch your best girlfriend lovingly brew a cup of coffee for her husband, or how your best friend gives his wife a coat. This is very nice for outsiders and can be very painful for you. However, try not to envy. There is an opinion that hard times will always reveal true friendship, but modern realities say that good times will always reveal it as well. And the happiness of your friends should not be your misfortune, otherwise, do you have the right to call yourself friends? Find the strength to be happy for your friends. Yes, today you fill out the legal divorce documents, and they choose new wallpapers for the nursery, but this should not change anything between you.

Tell Your Friends Honestly about Your Feelings

Sometimes it can be useful to pause any social relationship, be alone and analyze your life. And if you feel that you are not ready at the moment to enter society, to maintain conversations, including talking about your divorce (you will hear this question anyway sooner or later), then tell your friends about it honestly. People who understand and respect your feelings will not insistently invite you to meet with them, especially if you and your former soulmate have mutual friends.

You Can Be Happy Regardless of the Marital Status of Your Friends (And All Other People on Earth as Well)

Actually, the right question you need to ask is, can I be happy after the divorce? And only then begin to analyze all the additional factors like married friends, children who will see one of the parents in a different order than it was before, and so on. Our happiness begins within ourselves, and everything else is external factors that can both aggravate and improve our internal situation. Therefore, the correct answer is that you can be happy after a divorce, regardless of anyone else in the world. Except perhaps for your children, but their happiness is now in your hands and in your ability to agree with the second parent on their peaceful upbringing.

And What to Do?

A huge number of scientists and psychologists have worked on the topic of legal divorce – there are many scientific studies, and it is simply impossible to quote them all. Basically, experiencing any change in our lives, we go through several stages — from grief through acceptance to getting rid of old insults and new life. If now you are in a stage of grief, then it is too early to talk about your married friends. You can be happy in their society only when you fully accept your situation, understand that cheap divorce papers online were your only and right way out, plus find strength and motivation to look into the eyes of your new life.


And therefore, the most correct recipe for how to become happy after a divorce and learn to rejoice for your married friends is to, first of all, be happy for yourself and for your life. If you yourself were the initiator of a divorce, then you had good reason to do it. Go back to these reasons and don’t let regrets sway your decision. If you were forced to accept the fact of a divorce, although you didn’t want it and fought to save the family – well, you did everything you could. Thank yourself for the effort and for spending less time with this person than you could have spent.