4th April 2022

When casino sites embraced the online trend and migrated some or all their activities online, bingo sites soon followed. As much as bingo was then touted to be an older people’s game that mainly attracted women, bingo sites wanted to change this narrative. They wanted to make the game more inclusive and thus cast their nets into the global market. So, it was not long before new UK bingo sites followed suit, implementing the key trends in the online gaming market. These were the moves that enabled this game to stay afloat despite the popularity of other casino games. And today, it ranks high in this food chain of sorts. Let’s consider its most important milestones in the past two decades:


The Introduction of Online Gaming

Bingo was a hit even before online gaming began. In its early days, it was a fun pastime for people looking for simplistic gameplay. It was not until it became commercialized that it spread fast across the globe. By the 1960s, it was a popular way to make money and socialize. So, when it finally became available online in the 1990s, people were thrilled that they could now access it at any time. At this time, the gameplay was pretty basic. Most operators focused on 90-ball and 75-ball options and only had running websites. Given that most people did not have access to desktops, the uptake at this point was relatively low. But this was just the beginning, and bingo had yet to take hold of the market. So, what changed?


More Variety

Rather than offer the same old options popular in traditional gaming halls, site operators became more creative. They provided a more comprehensive range of ball options with different buy-ins and winnings. Thus, if someone was not into the usual offers, they could get something that could work for them. the result? – Added interest in the game with a more enthralling experience.


Mobile Gameplay

In the past, bingo players had to find a way to buy tickets using desktops or make their way to a traditional bingo hall. And that was hardly convenient. Over time, site operators created more responsive websites that could load on mobile devices. Some even created apps that enabled players to enjoy the game without opening tabs on their mobile browsers. These changes were highly welcome as most people had access to smartphones and a stable internet connection.


Chat Options

Bingo has always been a social game, and site operators had to find a way to keep this going. So, how did they do it? They embraced one or more of the following options:

  • Using chat forums where bingo players could talk about their experiences and offer each other tips,
  • Live chat options where players could chat with others during a live game, and
  • Social media platforms where players could connect based on a shared love.

More site operators have now toyed with and even implemented the idea of using virtual reality in their gameplay. It transports players to virtual realms where they can move around bingo halls and interact with other players’ avatars. And this helps them appreciate the game’s social nature to a whole new level.


What can we expect to change in the coming years? Virtual reality will become more accessible to players globally as we move closer to completing the metaverse. And this might shape the future of bingo for the next few centuries. What do you think?