How Long Do THC-O Gummies Take to Start Working?

14th December 2022

If you’re an experienced marijuana user seeking a different type of high, THC-O gummies could become your new favorite product! Also known as THC-O acetate, this is a cannabinoid that packs a punch. It is suggested that this compound is approximately three times as potent as the delta-9-THC in weed!

Consumers enjoy THC-O gummies because they are convenient and delicious. Also, you know how much of the compound is in each piece. For instance, if you buy 750mg vegan THC-O gummies ( with 30 gummies in a container, each one contains 25mg of the cannabinoid.

However, given the potency of THC-O, it is imperative to know when you can expect the effects to become noticeable. After all, the last thing you want is to consume THC-O gummies at a point where you still need to be alert, attentive, and not high! This guide outlines what you can expect to feel when using THC-O gummies and offers a broad overview of how long it takes the cannabinoid to start working.

What Does the THC-O High Feel Like?

In terms of THC-O gummies effects, a lot depends on dosing. If you consume a low dose, you may experience a high similar to what you feel after using delta-9-THC. However, psychedelic effects may ensue if you use a moderate to large dose! Users often report feeling intense visual effects along with a powerful cerebral high that makes them feel euphoric.

You will also likely feel sedated. Therefore, it is best not to consume THC-O gummies if you have any urgent tasks left to complete that day. Also, do NOT use this cannabinoid if you’re planning to drive.

For the record, THC-O is a prodrug, so it is only active once the liver metabolizes it. THC-O acetate is far more bioavailable than non-acetylated THC. Therefore, once the body absorbs it, the -O functional group is removed. Consequently, THC exerts its normal effects but at a far higher dose.

How Long Before THC-O Gummies Have an Effect?

First of all, we can only provide a ballpark figure because the effects of THC-O vary depending on body weight, metabolism, THC tolerance, and so on. Therefore, it may take longer for a person who weighs 200 pounds and has a slow metabolism to experience the effects of THC-O than someone weighing 150 pounds with a faster metabolism.

However, we can tell you that because THC-O is a prodrug, the cannabinoid takes longer to have an effect than delta-9-THC. Indeed, it can take up to twice as long for THC-O gummies to have an effect than their D9 counterparts. Therefore, if you’ve used delta-9 gummies before and they took 60 minutes to have an effect, it could take up to 120 minutes for the THC-O gummies to have a noticeable impact.

Approach with Caution

One of the biggest (and sadly most common) mistakes novices make with THC-O gummies is to allow impatience to dictate their behavior. For instance, someone might consume a gummy and feel nothing after an hour. At this point, they take a second dose. Soon, the ultra-powerful effects kick in and have an overpowering effect. Since THC-O can produce psychedelic effects, you could feasibly have an unpleasant experience, turning you off the compound.

Suppose you try one 25mg THC-O gummy and wait 60 minutes. As there is no effect, you try another gummy. You have consumed 50mg of THC-O at this stage, which may provide effects equivalent to 150mg of delta-9-THC. In case you’re wondering, that’s an extraordinarily high amount!

Indeed, it is extremely likely that the effects will prove far too potent. At this point, all you can do is ride out the experience!

Final Thoughts on How Long It Takes for THC-O Gummies to Work

Overall, you can expect it to take a minimum of an hour before you feel the effects of THC-O gummies. However, you may need to wait significantly longer depending on how your body reacts.

When it comes to using THC-O, patience is a virtue! NEVER take a second dose, even if you feel practically nothing the first time. Take note of how much you use and the effects, and only increase the dosage if you aren’t satisfied with the outcome from the previous dose. Also, please ensure you only increase THC-O consumption gradually. It is extremely potent; for most people, a little is more than enough!