How long before a fire tragedy occurs, potentially resulting in litigation against Council or Woodvale Charity?

October 2014 update


WWP have reported before several times on the issue of fire damage in the so-called ‘Woodland classroom.’ A short while ago a whole settee with set alight herein!  

WACA’s Tory Chairman, Cllr Ted Hartill, previously directed this artificial eyesore to be constructed by WWP volunteers with power tools on this Council land, ‘without due care and attention being given towards suitable training, protection, insurance cover or safety.

See this OTS link for more info:


This October we can see the latest fire damage fiasco in Cllr Hartill’s ramshackle and neglected classroom.

Logs have been blackened and charred badly around the circle indicating that this was a substantial blaze, which may have been a peril to wildlife, the ecosystem and surrounding residential dwellings.

Furthermore, sooner or latest one of the pyromaniacs (typically unsupervised local youths meeting to use drugs) who start these blazes may be injured or even killed.

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 This may in turn result in expensive litigation against Sefton’s hopeless Council or/and the seemingly bewildered Woodvale WACA charity.

Therefore, the ‘sensible’ option would be to get properly trained workers to remove this increasingly dangerous classroom eyesore BEFORE someone gets hurt!

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This would hopefully help to prevent further fire damage and thus a potential tragedy. It would also possibly help to halt additional antisocial drug misuse in the area. 

But then again, judging by their previous performance can we ever expect Sefton Council to do the ‘right’ thing?

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