How Homeowners Increase the Value of Their Property with These Few Simple Steps

21st September 2020

Generally, the value of an old property is lesser than a new house in the real estate market, irrespective of regions. However, house owners need not lose hearts, as there are several ways of increasing the property value of their old homes. Few simple steps of home renovation can help in boosting the value of their properties, which will satisfy their desire for profits. Whether you are trying to buy an old house or you wish to sell it for a high price, online experts at Property Press Online are making the task simple.

Repaint all walls – The paints on the exterior and interior walls fade away with time. So, the foremost job of a house owner is to paint all these walls, to regain the fresh look of the building. It is best to choose vibrant shades for exterior walls that can withstand all types of weather hazards. If any crack or crevice is spotted on a wall surface, it should be repaired with mortar before putting on the fresh coating of paint. Attractive textures may be added to internal walls, to make the house look more attractive.

Upgrade of the flooring – Floor tiles get damaged in old houses and need replacement. Modern contractors and interior designers recommend the use of luxury vinyl flooring for upgrading the worn-out floors. This type of flooring renders a stylish look to the interiors, which is easy to maintain and lasts for many years in good condition. The luxury vinyl flooring also creates a warm atmosphere during winter and thus, it helps in increasing the property value.

Repair windows and doors – Battered panels of doors and windows should be repaired or replaced, to restore a new look of the house and provide better protection of indoors. The replacements of broken glass panes or resealing the frames can make the house more energy-efficient, by blocking the atmospheric temperatures from entering the rooms.

Restore the kitchen’s condition – Every buyer checks the condition of the kitchen before buying an old house. So a homeowner should ensure that the kitchen has a neat look with intact cabinets, countertops, and sink. If any of these features is damaged, it should be repaired or replaced to restore the fresh look of the kitchen that makes the house easily sellable. All the kitchen appliances should be in fine working condition.

Essential repairs of the bathroom – All features of the bathroom, like faucets, showerhead, toilet, sink, and the bathtub should be in the best functional condition. Any minor repair should not be neglected in the bathroom, as that can lower the price of the house. The exhaust fan, bathroom vanity, shower curtain, and lighting fixtures should be checked and refreshed as well.

All aspects of a house should be checked and repaired periodically, for increasing its property value among potential buyers.