How AI Fashion Models are Dominating the Commercial Photography Scene?

4th February 2024

In recent times, a 25-year-old Spanish beauty named Aitana López has suddenly become a sensation, sweeping through social media and the modeling industry.

Hailing from Barcelona, Spain, Aitana, despite being an AI model, has garnered widespread attention, earning over 1000 euros for each advertisement and a monthly income that can surpass 10,000 euros.

Behind the flawless appearance lies a fundamental question: she’s just an AI model.

The founder of the agency emphasizes the uncontrollable factors associated with real models. The extensive scale and resources of modeling agencies still face numerous uncontrollable elements. This becomes even more challenging for ordinary e-commerce sellers who struggle with high model fees, prolonged photo shoots, and limited model resources, impacting new clothing releases and subsequent sales.

This year’s breakout star in the world of AI commercial photography, iFoto, offers a reassuring solution for e-commerce clothing sellers.


Dressing Clothes on Virtual Models in Just a Few Simple Steps

The user-friendly interface allows users to upload initial sample images and, with a few clicks, virtually dress a model, achieving results comparable to traditional studio photography. The longstanding issues of traditional e-commerce processes, marked by complexity, extended timelines, limited effectiveness, and high costs, find an effective solution.

By following a three-step process – “Upload Image – Choose Style (Model/Scene) – Click Generate,” users can instantly obtain multiple high-definition AI model images.

When a photo of a garment on a mannequin is input, iFoto accurately removes the mannequin, allowing the virtual model to “wear” the clothes. Users can choose from various models and scenes, achieving different stylistic effects. During the generation process, users can easily and quickly “cut out” the clothing from the original image through simple clicks, facilitating seamless integration with the platform’s preset model images.


Competing with Professional Photography

Traditional commercial photography faces significant challenges, and iFoto is poised to revolutionize the industry. Traditional processes, involving outsourcing photo shoots to commercial studios, finding models, setting up scenes, and multiple rounds of communication between parties, typically take at least a week, with unpredictable travel costs.

However, with iFoto’s empowering capabilities, users experience significant optimizations in time and financial costs, achieving industry-wide cost reduction and efficiency improvement.

iFoto primarily targets two types of customers: those who need images, such as clothing factory owners and e-commerce store owners, and those from traditional commercial photography studios. For direct image requirements, users can easily take snapshots of products, have employees or family members wear clothes, and send these photos to the platform, rapidly generating the desired scene images. This brings about a change in the entire workflow, enhancing efficiency while mitigating copyright risks.

For traditional commercial photography studio customers dealing with more demanding clients, iFoto serves as an auxiliary tool, accelerating their interaction with clients and improving efficiency, thereby reducing costs.


Technological Prowess Backing iFoto

On the technical front, iFoto’s in-house professional large model, ProductDiffusion, continually refines its human image and scene libraries through public cloud services. It maintains technological barriers in accurate perception of clothing IDs and foreground segmentation, local feature perception of visual codebooks, personalized editing of human images, learning from contrast hints, and local ControlNet redrawing models. This addresses challenges prevalent in the market, such as disharmony in lighting and shadows, unstable generation of human images, and deformation in clothing generation.

As society evolves, fashion brands are facing increasing consumer demands for more representative and diverse models. The emergence of AI virtual models, with iFoto at the forefront, presents itself as the ideal choice for brands.

As a leader in AI commercial photography, iFoto will continue its commitment to the research and optimization of AI technology, promising an exciting future ahead!