There has been a large number of car tyres bursting in Southport today (Monday 23rd June 2014).

This could be down to the hot weather conditions.

ots-tyre burst 2 southport ots onthespot ots

Car tyres:

A moderately overinflated tyre would not burst, it will cause poor grip and a stiff ride it would take a deliberate act to blow a tyre by overinflation.

The main cause of blow-outs (as opposed to puntures) is drastic under-inflation, what happens is the tyre is flattened more than it is designed to be, and as the tyre rotates, the flat area is rotated around the tyre as the wheel turns (as obviously it is only flat where it is in contact with the road) and it is this rapid flexing which increases the faster the wheels turn, that causes the tyre to heat up beyond it’s design capabilities and it starts to break down resulting in a blowout, obviously, the warmer the weather, the chance of the tyre heating to beyond it’s capability is increased.
ots-tyre burst southport ots onthespot ots

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