Hospital physios finding innovative ways to treat patients

10th June 2020
Ormskirk hospital
Ormskirk hospital

Changes hospital physiotherapists made to cope with the Covid-19 pandemic are now shaping the future of the care they give.

The Joint Health Team at Southport and Ormskirk Hospital NHS Trust turned to video conferencing, YouTube and other online methods to help treat and advise patients throughout the lock-down.

The team provides specialist assessment, investigations and treatment for patients across Southport, Formby and West Lancashire with musculoskeletal conditions (problems with muscles, joints or spine). But because of the pandemic, they were unable to see patients in the usual way, despite their services being essential for many.

The service, which includes specialist physiotherapy consultant, specialist doctors and consultants in musculoskeletal medicine, specialist physiotherapists, advanced practice physiotherapists, and podiatrists and specialist occupational hand therapist, looked to other ways to help their patients.

With some staff redeployed, remaining team members dug out their devices and took to the internet to provide education sessions, advice services and even circuit classes via video link.