Horse rescued from 15ft deep ditch

21st November 2018

Horse Queenie and pony Grace were lifted to safety by our crews in a two-hour rescue after they got stuck in a 15ft deep ditch in Rainford.

Firefighters and the search and rescue team attended the scene, at Reeds Brow, and used slings and a farmer’s JCB vehicle to lift the horse and pony – one at a time – out of the ditch. There was no way to walk them out of the ditch as it was narrow and deep.

Two members of MFRS crew set up water lighting in the ditch to illuminate the rescue area. Vets were also in attendance to assess the horses.

We are delighted to report the young horse Grace was uninjured and, though Queenie suffered cuts to her back legs – which were treated by the vet -, she is not thought to be seriously injured.

A friend of the horses’ owner, Sally Houghton, said: “Massive thank you to the crew from Croxteth search and rescue team and Eccleston Fire Station for spending hours tonight rescuing my friend’s two horses from a deep field drain in Rainford after they escaped the field.

“Absolutely amazing job, they stayed even after their shift had finished hours before.

“Grace and Queenie are safe in their stables eating their tea thanks to the hard work of everyone.

“Even with all the pressures on Merseyside Fire & Rescue Service they are there doing a great job. Your crews just did a fantastic job… without their skill there was no other way out for the horses.”

Many thanks for the kind words, Sally

The incident took place on 15th November between 8 and 10.15pm.