Horror hotel claims latest shocked victim as guest slams Scarisbrick

1st September 2019

Filth filled rooms at the Scarisbrick Hotel continue to astound visitors to Southport who are once again caught out by the hotel.

The latest victim of Southport’s now infamous horror hotel, Lisa Rhodes, said it was the only thing that spoilt her trip to Southport.

She told OTS news “Southport, it really is a beautiful place. I wish I could say the same about the Scarisbrick Hotel.

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I’ve been quite poorly for the past few years & decided to book a couple of nights break but it was far from a break with the accommodations.”

“Loud Leary music/karaoke until 3/4am, people shouting & arguing & the room – I was mortified. I’m sure the window was illegal as it didn’t open and it was far from a double superior room costing nearly £280 for 2 nights that I’d booked.”