Horner Automation Europe – Local Expertise and Support

23rd May 2024

Automation. It’s powerful, it performs and it’s everywhere. Whether software is being used to streamline processes within businesses to centralise information or is being used on an industrial level via control systems to make repetitive manual tasks and data collection more efficient, it has become an integral part of everyday life on both large and small scales. The scope of the industry is so wide in 2024 that it can be difficult to find a product provider that not only produces high-quality, innovative programmable logic controllers with significant value, but also ensures a customer-centric approach from the supply chain to technical support. This is where Horner Automation is taking the top spot in Europe right now.

What can you expect from Horner Automation?

Providing solutions for industrial, process and building automation, Horner Automation is a leading provider of automation control solutions, including all-in-one products to meet the needs of OEMs, integrators and end-users. The top solutions include:


Programmable logic controllers (PLC’s) are integrated with your Human Machine Interface (HMI), connecting I/O and networking into a single compact unit. Operator Control Stations (OCS) are designed by experts to streamline control systems and ensure that everything performs exactly as intended while surpassing expectations. For example, the OEE (overall equipment effectiveness) solution kit is a pre-programmed controller that has been constructed with easy implementation and little end user interaction in mind. All you’ll need to do is perform a straightforward setup using the device’s independent operator touchscreen and begin collecting and monitoring performance data across your network in minutes.

Software packages

All Horner Automation controllers come with a host of software packages, bringing nothing short of the most relevant protocols to the end-user and fully integrate programming, configuration, remote monitoring and device control for industry-specific needs. These include Cscape and fully integrated IEC61131 software that is free to download.

Dedicated OCS

Operator control systems can be customised to meet your needs, whether you want to add special protocol requirements, integrate custom functions, or boost your I/O. With Horner Automation’s European headquarters based in Cork, Ireland, it will be so simple to work with an expert to ensure that dedicated OCS are designed and developed to your specifications.

A focus on customer service

Flexible, reliable technical support can be hard to come by in the automation industry, but Horner Automation goes above and beyond with unrivalled customer service. Not only can you expect outstanding factory automation control solutions, but also a dedicated expert team and an array of training materials that include regular product webinars, so you can always keep your finger on the pulse.

In an ever-changing industry, knowing that you have a valuable, local resource supporting automation both now and in the future can be game-changing.