Home Instead says Happy 100th Birthday to Monica!

14th April 2021

Monica Mould has received an almost overwhelming amount of correspondence since celebrating her milestone one hundredth birthday on the 22nd  of February. While anyone might expect more cards than usual during a national lockdown as loved ones look to connect in any way they can, Monica’s cards completely covered her beautifully decorated living room, filling up every spot not already occupied by bouquets of balloons and lavish floral arrangements.

When I asked Monica to reflect on this landmark occasion, she was more concerned with how she might be able to thank every single one of the dozens of people who had sent her well wishes – “The grandchildren and great-grandchildren have all been in touch – even though some of them are only tiny!”  she remarked with a smile.

From the photographs scattered around the room it is obvious that Monica holds her two sons and indeed her whole family incredibly dear, and this could not have been made clearer than when I asked what had made her happiest in the past one hundred years: “My husband, without a shadow of a doubt. He’s been a wonderful husband for 75 years… we’ve had blistering arguments and I still wouldn’t swap him.”

Bill could not help but laugh uproariously at this and quipped that nobody would believe her, but from the twinkle in his eye it was clear that this playful back and forth between them is part of what has made their 75-year union so successful.  Ever since they met at a police ball in the 1940s, the couple have been inseparable, and with Bill approaching the tender age of 97 Monica cheerfully refers to him as her ‘toy boy’.

They both talked fondly about the dinner parties they would host in days gone by, and Bill absolutely raved about her cooking. She also loved driving, only giving it up in her mid-nineties, but was insistent that she did not have any advice for how the younger generation could live their lives, saying “I don’t think I’m qualified to give any advice”. Bill chimed in that perhaps she should recommend that young ladies do as their husband said, but Monica shut this down immediately telling him “Absolutely not, I wouldn’t do as you told me, I’ve got a mind of my own.”

This tenacious attitude has obviously stood Monica in good stead for a long and happy life, one which she said is often improved by a glass of wine – “which I love, but even then, I don’t get sloshed!” So, whether it is moderation, tenacity, or a healthy amount of verbal sparring with the love of your life, there are definitely some tips we can all take from Monica if we hope to reach 100 ourselves.

Monica is supported at home by a wonderful team of CAREGivers from Home Instead Southport & Formby. If you’re interested in finding out more about companionship or personal care for yourself or a loved one, please visit our website – https://www.homeinstead.co.uk/southport-formby/.