HollywoodBets: How to Download and App Review

Although at present you cannot download HollywoodBets from the Play Store or iTunes, the Hollywoodbet apk is still available for download. The website has undergone a remodeling and they still support the telephone app using which you can place bets even without a data connection.

How to download the app

Here are the steps to download the app:

  1. Open an account

Use your personal details to create an account on HollywoodBets.

  1. Download the app

There is only one app for HollywoodBets that you can use on a basic smartphone. Otherwise, you can use the mobile website for placing the bets.

  1. Mobile website

Most betting enthusiasts use the mobile website for betting on live sports games.

  1. Choose a payment mode

With the HollywoodBets app, you can pay via debit card, credit card, online wallets, and EFTs.

  1. FICA requirements

In order to extract the money you win, you must pass the FICA requirement. For this, you might need to furnish some documents.

A Review of the App

Here, we shall discuss the features of one of the best betting apps. Although the appearance of the mobile website is not too impressive, it has almost all of the features. That being said, you might face difficulties while navigating through it using a mobile device.

On this website, you can take part in the casino games, access the payment methods, and check out the offers and promos. The site has recently been remodeled, and it was long overdue. Since the internet is not available to everyone in South Africa, retail outlets remain a popular betting medium.

What kind of bets can you place?

HollywoodBets operates in a large betting market, so you can place bets on international sporting events as well as domestic ones. One of the USPs of this betting site is that it includes horse racing.

What are the different payment modes?

HollywoodBets have the license to carry out their operations in South Africa, and as such, they offer multiple payment modes for their clients. The popular payment modes are credit and debit cards.

If you don’t possess a bank account, you can use a web wallet for payment, since this has a shorter processing time. Alternatively, you can visit a retail outlet and pay in cash.


Let us look at some of the frequently asked questions regarding HollywoodBets:

  • Does it have an app for Android?

No, currently an Android app does not exist.

  • Does it have an app for iOS?

No iOS app is available at the moment.

  • Is the .apk file safe to use?

Yes, you can safely download and use the file.

  • How is the app’s functionality?

Although the appearance of the app is a bit outdated, the functionalities are quite smooth.


We could very well see an Android and iOS app for HollywoodBets in the future. Since the company has renovated the website, they should be able to launch the apps soon. But until that happens, your best option is to use the mobile site or a retail store for betting activities.

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