A high street travel agent is being accused of abandoning holidaymakers left without a holiday or cash from the Coronavirus.

Heartbroken holidaymakers who were left without their dream trip due to the Coronavirus are now battling to get their money back from the high street travel firm.

One Southport man, who had booked a dream trip to Italy with his fiancé in May, was told despite his holiday being cancelled a month earlier, he would face an agonising wait for a refund.

Now the furious would be holidaymaker says he and thousands of others have been abandoned by TUI who are now knowingly withholding their money.

He said “I was told in April my May holiday would be cancelled but bafflingly TUI said I would have to wait another month before I could even think about asking them for a refund.

“I called at the start of June and was promised my money, which is in the thousands, would be given back to me in 28 days. It’s past that point now and it is impossible to get hold of anyone at TUI.

“I have spent an entire day on the phone and not once was it answered. I’m not the only one there are thousands of others who have said TUI are now clearly and knowingly withholding money that isn’t theirs.”