Hohem iSteady MT2: Elevate Your Creative Experience

7th September 2023

In the digital era of flourishing internet content creation, content creators are raising higher demands for camera equipment and accessories, including camera stabilizers, to cope with the intensifying market competition. Hohem, as a pioneer in imaging stabilization technology, meets the growing demand for high-quality imagery by delivering advanced technology and continuously innovative product designs, leaving content creators and enthusiasts in awe of its powerful professional capabilities.

As Hohem’s latest product, iSteady MT2 carries forward Hohem’s vision of “Make the Moment, enjoy it!” Since its release, it has garnered enthusiastic responses. So, what are the unexpected and innovative features of Hohem iSteady MT2?

Impeccable Lightweight Structure and Stabilization Technology

Whether it’s urban exploration or outdoor adventures, carrying heavy equipment often burdens our journeys and filming. However, iSteady MT2 effortlessly surpasses numerous homogeneous products on the market with its ultra-lightweight design of just 653 grams. While being lightweight, it boasts superior product design and a flexible, comfortable shooting experience.

Hohem possesses its proprietary patented stabilization algorithm system. And  iSteady MT2 integrates stabilization system of iSteady 7.0, ensuring exceptional stability. With a 30% improvement in algorithm capabilities, it achieves unparalleled precision perception and automatic control, guaranteeing stability and smoothness in dynamic shots.

Notably, the iSteady MT2 can be paired with the Hohem Joy application, unleashing a range of creative shooting modes. It is adept at capturing various smooth lateral movements, tilts, and tracking shots.

By triple-clicking the Mode button, the Inception mode is activated, enabling the camera to rotate 360 degrees for panoramic shots similar to scenes from the movie “Inception.” 

Additionally, the 290-degree large pitch angle adds a silky-smooth effect to shots, eliminating blind spots. With the technical support of the iSteady MT2, content creators can focus on their creative work without carrying heavy equipment, effortlessly and precisely capturing endless possibilities, all while remotely controlling the gimbal through the Hohem Joy application. 

Impressive Four-in-One Compatibility and Quick Release System

When discussing iSteady MT2, its exceptional compatibility cannot be ignored. It accommodates various cameras and smartphones, supporting a payload of up to 1.2kg. Hence, whether you’re a beginner or an experienced photography enthusiast, iSteady MT2 fits various scenarios.

Moreover, the iSteady MT2 features the Multi 4.0 quick release system, equipped with a detachable L-shaped bracket, aiming to break the limitations of traditional camera stabilizers. Switching between horizontal and vertical camera modes takes just 3 seconds, enhancing user efficiency and resolving the issue of flip-screen selfies, especially for convenient self-portraits and Vlog shooting. The quick-release plate strictly adheres to the Arca standard, ensuring compatibility and versatility. The stabilizer’s quick-release bracket features multiple expansion ports, accommodating microphones, fill lights, and other accessories as needed.

Effective AI Tracking Function and Magnetic Fill Light

Hohem’s previous products, iSteady M6 and iSteady V2S, were recipients of IF Design Awards and Red Dot Design Awards, gaining market recognition and establishing industry status. Building on this foundation, Hohem continues to innovate and push the boundaries of its AI tracking algorithm. iSteady MT2 features a unique and powerful external tracking sensor, utilizing visual sensors for AI detection and tracking without the need for applications or Bluetooth connections. It can serve as a camera operator, tracking the movements of the target. 

By simply facing the AI sensor and making an “OK” gesture, iSteady MT2 accurately tracks the shooting subject, adjusting their position in the frame with an “L” gesture. This user-friendly feature is applicable in various scenarios, whether capturing high-speed actions or tracking moving objects. Hohem iSteady MT2 ensures your camera remains focused on the target, providing stable, professional, high-quality shots.

Furthermore, iSteady MT2 offers CCT and RGB fill light modes. Even if not using the robust AI tracking feature, the AI tracker serves as an RGB fill light, enhancing shooting effects and providing better lighting in various environments.

Rapid Charging and Ultra-Long Battery Life

iSteady MT2 charges in just 3 hours and boasts a battery life of up to 17 hours, satisfying your daily shooting needs. Remarkably, with reverse charging capabilities, it can serve as a mobile power source for phones and cameras, offering emergency backup.

What are you waiting for? Hohem iSteady MT2’s intelligent technology significantly enhances your creative efficiency, ignites inspiration, expands your imagination, and delivers a fresh and smooth creative experience!