History of the Tottenham Football Club logo?

24th April 2023

Tottenham Hotspur is one of the most famous and successful football clubs in England. Founded in 1882, the club has a rich history that is reflected in its logo. In this article, we look at the history of the Tottenham Football Club logo and its evolution over many decades.

Early years: Rooster logo

The first Tottenham logo appeared in 1901 and included the image of a rooster standing on a ball. The rooster was chosen as the symbol of the club because it is a symbol of fighting spirit and bravery. In those days, the logo was not so stylized and looked quite simple.

1956: addition of the shield

In 1956, the club’s logo underwent its first major change. The designers added a shield with two oblique stripes that symbolized the club’s local colors of blue and white. At the time, the shield became a common design element for many football clubs, and Tottenham was no exception. As for now, you can buy retro shirts of Tottenham at the https://vintagesportsfashion.com/clubs/english-clubs/tottenham.html website. It’s really cool when there is such an opportunity!

1966: more stylized rooster

In 1966, the Tottenham logo was updated again. This time the designers have made the rooster more stylized and dynamic. This change gave the logo a modern look and made it more recognizable to the club’s fans.

1983: Reshaping the shield and adding the club’s name

In 1983, the club’s logo was changed again. This time, the shape of the shield has been changed, and the name of the club “Tottenham Hotspur” appeared at the top of the logo. This addition made the logo even more recognizable to fans and members of the media.

2006: return to classic design

In 2006 the management of the club decided to return to the classic logo design. The 1966 stylized rooster was restored, but the club’s name was moved below the image and in a larger font. The inscription “Est. 1882” (founded in 1882) was also added to highlight the club’s historical roots.

2013: minimal changes

In 2013, the Tottenham Hotspur club logo underwent a slight change. These included simplifying the design, improving contrast, and increasing the size of the “Est. 1882” inscription. These changes were made to make the logo look even more modern and crisp across different platforms and media.


The history of the Tottenham Hotspur Football Club logo reflects the evolution of the club and its commitment to its roots. The rooster logo has become a symbol of the club, which is recognized and loved by fans around the world. The evolution of the logo is still ongoing and more design changes can be expected in the future to reflect the growth and development of the club.