Hire a Venue For Kids Party

Locating an ideal hall can be overwhelming. At times, you’ll be left waiting for long periods before confirmation of availability, all the while juggling when to book the entertainment. Nearly 90% of our events are held at a hall, and we often book our own for parties and trainings.

We understand your frustration that’s why we have created a list of some tips that should prove convenient.

1) Talk to your entertainer

Do not hesitate to speak to your entertainment provider and ask for recommendations. Odds are they’ve previously hosted an event or two within your local area and will have an idea of the best venues ideal for you.

2) Do Some Online Research

Checking out the hall closest to you on Google is usually everyone’s first move. However, we would suggest you check out a website dedicated to hall hire.

You can look for potential halls within a certain radius/location. You can also read reviews, view images, and access full contact details. The locations are usually vetted, so you can rest assured that you’re booking something worthwhile.

3) Room for serving food

This may come as a surprise, but you also need to consider how you structure your food space. Naturally, a kitchen is important, but so is choosing where all the kids will eat.

Parents usually choose a buffet because it’s much simpler. But providing a space where kids can run everywhere can very quickly result in chaos.

A much better approach would be to structure things in advance where kids can have a meal in a certain area, even if that meal only involves jam sandwiches. When choosing your location, ensure you have enough space for chairs and tables.

4) Hiring a School Hall

Not many parents are aware of this, but you are allowed to hire a local school’s hall. You’ll find that at times, the cost of hiring a school hall can be a lot friendlier cheaper plus you will have the convenience of having all your guests know exactly where the venue is.

One added benefit is they are usually well managed as compared to certain halls that never seem to call back.

Visit www.schoolsplus.co.uk to locate a school hall within your local area that you can rent out. Alternatively, you can just reach out to your local school and ask to hire the hall.

5) Ensure there’s ample parking space

The last thing you want is for your guests to worry about their car getting towed or their vehicle vandalised. As such, you need to consider free parking especially if it’s a big party you’re planning.

6) Enough Room for children and adult games

One issue that always comes up is space. While we can modify the games to suit the space, you need to give enough thought to your environment. Order push pop confetti in bulk for your next party.

You will require adequate space to accommodate adults and kids comfortably, with enough room to play games. It should not be too small that adults become too noisy or too big such that you lose everyone.

7) Inquire about DBS & insurance requirements

Certain halls need proof of Public Liability Insurance and a DBS certificate from the entertainment company. Ensure you make your entertainer aware well in advance of the party so they can make the right arrangements.

It’s not rare for locations to deny the entertainer entry until they get the right documentation.

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