Hill street blues for Southport drivers

28th July 2017

Hill street blues for Southport drivers

There’s more Hill Street blues as the popular rat run will yet again be shut to traffic for a week.

This is the third time this year that the road, which is used by heavy traffic no longer able to travel down Chapel Street, has been closed for vital carriageway repairs.

Part of the road is known for its problematic sink hole issues around the public toilets. It’s believed that underground piping and a string of issues underneath the tarmac have yet again led to contractors being forced to shut the road in order to replace the sagging bitumen.

One frustrated driver, who regularly uses the road to access their job at Sainsbury’s, messaged OTS News to say: “Hill Street is shut more times a year than is ever open it seems.

“I don’t know why they just can’t fix it for good and get on with it. “I can’t imagine how much money has been spent on repairs over the last year or two”