Two park rangers have been hailed for saving the life of a young girl after she attempted suicide in Ainsdale.

The heroic duo have been praised for their quick thinking and lightning fast reactions after pulling a woman away from a railway bridge in Ainsdale.

The young girl was moments from commuting suicide before she was pulled away by one of the rangers moments before an oncoming train passed below.

The incident is understood to have happened on Kenilworth Road bridge in late 2019.

However the heroic actions of the pair, who work for Sefton Council’s Green Sefton team, has only recently come to light as part of Suicide Awareness Day.

Helen, one of the rangers said “we were doing a knotweed job and we were below the bridge.

“I looked up and I said I think there’s someone up there. We turned the van around.”

Her colleague continued “I saw a green dart run up to the young girl and throw her arms around her.

“She grabbed hold of the girl and gave her encouragement and looked after her until the police came.”

The girl has since been given medical attention and round the clock support by specially trained mental health services.