Herd immunity propaganda flown over Southport

7th November 2020

Anti-lockdown propaganda has been flown over Southport this afternoon.

A banner saying “Lockdowns don’t work #GBDeclaration” was flown over the town for around 30 minutes.

While the buyer of the banner is unknown, the company flying over the town appears to be Air Ads, who were responsible for the infamous “White lives matter” banner flown over the Etihad Stadium.

The “GBDeclaration” refers to the Great Barrington Declaration, a document signed by medical clinicians advocating the end of lockdowns while shielding society’s most vulnerable.

The Great Barrington Declaration was heavily criticised by England’s chief medical officer Chris Whitty and the World Health Organisation.

The Government’s chief scientific advisor Sir Patrick Vallance said Sage, the government’s expert committee, had reviewed the Great Barrington proposal and found “fatal flaws in the argument”.

Gregg Gonsalves, an epidemiologist at Yale University, said herd immunity strategies were about “culling the herd of the sick and disabled. It’s grotesque.”