Henry’s Deli are holding free cheese tastings every Saturday 2pm to 4pm.

This week is Stinking Bishop. Stinking Bishop is a washed-rind cheese produced since 1972 by Charles Martell and Son at Laurel Farm, Dymock, Gloucestershire in the south west of England. It is made from the milk of Gloucester cattle, which in 1972 consisted of only 68 Gloucester breed heifers.

The breed has been revived to make production of the cheese possible, though it is often combined and pasteurised with the milk of Friesian cattle from a nearby county. The colour ranges from white/yellow to beige, with an orange to grey rind. It is moulded into wheels 2 kg (4.4 lb) in weight, 20 cm (8 inch) in diameter, and 4 cm (1.5 inch) deep. Only about 20 tonnes are produced each year. (1) The distinctive odour comes from the process with which the cheese is washed during its ripening; it is immersed in perry made from the local Stinking Bishop pear (from which the cheese gets its name) every four weeks while it matures. The process is said to have links with that used by local Cistercian monks who have long been associated with the production of washed rind cheeses.(2)

deli-counterAbove: Cheese on offer at Henry’s Deli

Henry’s Deli will holding a Special Wine evenings on the 28th Feb & 21st March, 6 wines tasted blind priced between £10-£20 and only revealed after you decided you like them or not.

Then we are opening a £65 Margeaux accompanied by a Baltic cheese. Baltic is made at Doddingon Dairies in Northumberland. This is a very special cheese to us in Liverpool as it is rind washed in Summer Ale from the Wapping Ales at the Baltic Feet micro brewery on the banks of the Mersey. Baltic is an unusual British cheese being semi-soft with a strong, robust flavour which makes a great addition to a cheese board as well as being a versitile ingredient for fondues etc. Baltic is made with un-pasteurised milk and animal rennet.

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